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Travel Photography Locations – Photography Hot Spots

The Haunting of The Inn at Jim Thorpe – A Paranormal Investigation

SamVera – Best Restaurants of 2020, Marlboro N.J.

Roscoe New York Photography Hot Spot Location

Barnegat Light, N.J. Photography Hot Spot Location

North Wildwood N.J. Photography Hot Spot

Avalon Beach, N.J. Milky Way Photography Hot Spot

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Photography Hot Spot

The Windrift Hotel & New Jersey Shore Photography

Aliens Captured in Photography by Pamela Goodyer World Renowned Photographer

N.J. Fishing Pier Photography Locations

Belmar New Jersey Photography Hot Spot

Thomas Edison National Historical Park, N.J. Photo Hot Spot

Ringwood State Park Photography Hot Spot

Ocean City N.J. Flanders Hotel Photography

Seed To Sprout, Avon by the Sea Organic Restaurant

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia Photography Hot Spot

Cold Spring Village, N.J. Photography Hot Spot

East Point Lighthouse, N.J. Photography Hot Spot

Barnegat Lighthouse S.P. Photography Hot Spot

Takakkaw Falls Canada

Salem Mass Ghost Hunting Photography

Cherry Springs State Park, Milky Way

Rocky Mountain National Park Milky Way

Catskill Mountains, N.Y. Milky Way

Adirondack Mountains Photography – Twin Pine Lodge

Gold King Mine & Ghost Town, Jerome Arizona

George Washington Bridge Photography Hot Spot Location

Jerome Arizona Ghost Hunting Photography

Lee’s Ferry, Arizona Milky Way Photography Location

Ghost Hunting Spotswood N.J.

Castle Ghost Hunt

Sea Isle City, N.J. Photography Hot Spot

Shark Fin Cove – California Photography Location

Historic Longstreet Farm Photography Location

Island Beach State Park Photography Location – Dark Skies

Cape May Photography and the Sea Crest Inn

Frosty Hollow B & B at Cherry Springs State Park

Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

Cordillera Central Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spot

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Photography Hot Spot

Crash Boat – Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spot

Cueva Ventana Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spot

El Yunque National Forest Photography Hot Spot

Zion National Park Photography Hot Spot

Ocean Alliance Photography Hot Spot

Acadia N.P. Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Rockport Mass. Photo Hot Spot

Acadia N.P. Thunder Hole – Milky Way Photo Hot Spot

Baxter State Park Maine – Photo Hot Spot

Orchard Beach, Maine – Photo Hot Spot

Old Tennent Church N.J. Ghost Hunt

Vermilion Lakes Photography – Canada

Lake Minnewanka, Canada Photography

Jordon Pond, Acadia National Park Photography

Channel Islands National Park Photography

Thousand Palms Oasis Photography, Ca.

Sedona Arizona Photography

Salton Sea, Ca. Photography Hot Spot

Lake Placid, N.Y. Photography Hot Spot

Ausable Chasm, N.Y. Photography Hot Spot

Little Hunters Beach, Acadia N.P.

Thunder Hole Acadia N.P. Photography

Lee’s Ferry, Arizona Photography

Oak Creek Canyon, Az Photography

Antelope Canyon, Az Photography

Lake Powell, Az Photography Hot Spot

Watkins Glen State Park Photography

Liberty State Park Photography

The Natural Bridge, Canadian Rockies Photo Hot Spot

Peyto Lake Photography Hot Spot

Lake Louise Photography Hot Spot

Vancouver Photography, BC Canada

Emerald Lake, BC, Canada Photography

Kaaterskill Falls Photography, N.Y.

Conowingo Dam, Md. Photography

Red Mill Photography N.J.

Batsto Village Photography Hot Spot

Smithville Village Photography – N.J.

Rutgers Gardens Photography – N.J.

Waterloo Village Photography, Stanhope, N.J.

Dukes Farm, Hillsborough, N.J.

Lambertville N.J. Photography Hot Spot

Allaire Village N.J. Photography Hot Spot

Walnford House

Sandy Hook, N.J. Photography

Haena State Park, Kauai, Hawaii

Edwin B. Forsythe N.W.R.

Acadia N.P. Thunder Hole Photography

Great Falls – Paterson, N.J.

Kauai Hawaii Photography Hot Spot

South Amboy N.J.

Milky Way Photography Hot Spots

Head over to our Milky Way Photography Hot Spots Page if you want to be sure to get some milky way images in your travels.

Ghost Huntint Hot Spots with Paranormal Pam Goodyer

Travel Photography – A Passion that Drives Us

Pamela Goodyer started to travel extensively after a minor tragedy happened in her life. Someone handed her a digital camera, where she had always been a film shooter. She found that having a camera in her hand took away her emotional pain and she escaped the reality of life for just a short while. This lead the way to her journey to twenty states in one year and some international awards right out of the gate.

Traveling and doing photography produces a natural dopamine high. When you look at the back of your camera and you see a dynamic jaw-dropping image those good brain chemicals start having a party.  This natural high can be addictive. As long as seeking this high does not interfere with your basic functioning or your life you are good to go seek this phenomenon.

Pamela always starts out expressing the fact that you have to have the subject matter to create insanely great images. Priority number one is getting in front of the right subject matter. If you do not have that part right, the rest will be much more difficult.

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