New Jersey Photography Book by Pamela Goodyer

New Photography Book Features

Enjoy our new book, featuring images from around New Jersey. We will focus our distribution efforts on selling our book through crowdfunding (Kickstarter) and directly to libraries, bookstores, and businesses throughout the state. The book will also be available as an e-book.

Pamela Goodyer is the Director of Photography for a motion picture and an upcoming TV series. When the feature film franchise project begins, the movie producer will promote Photography Magazine Extra and the New Jersey Photography Book through Social Media. The movie’s filming will take place in Washington Crossing State Park. We will cover the New Jersey side of the park in the book, and after the film gets underway, we will start our Pennsylvania Photography Book, which will also include details of the movie’s filming.

This book is also perfect for photographers to take with them when traveling around New Jersey. Please find the best photography locations while supporting the local businesses who sponsored our book and learning how, when, and why to shoot at each New Jersey Photography location.

New Jersey Local Businesses

We will be featuring local businesses throughout our book. Is there something special about your business that we can feature in our book? Our feature businesses will have an extensive photography shoot by Pamela Goodyer and staff.

Gather your staff, clean your grounds, and we will be on our way to photograph your business inside and out. We can write about you, or you can supply the copy for the book. We have different packages for you to purchase. Get our best package, a full two-page image spread plus a full page of copy.

If you are on a smaller budget, we have different sizes to fit your needs. Check out our packages below.

We will feature Newark, Princeton, Jersey City, Paterson, Cape May, South Brunswick, Lambertville, Seaside Heights, Asbury Park, New Brunswick, Galloway Twp., Barnegat, Sandy Hook and several beach towns and more.

Do you want us to put your business on the map? Call us today to be featured.

New Jersey Photographers

Our book will also have a section dedicated to New Jersey Photographers and their images. You can purchase a spot in the book and send us your very best images. We will put your Name, Company Name, location and website in the book next to the picture. You must supply the location of the image. This is a Landscape Photography Book, and we reserve the right to reject images if there is too much human activity in the picture. To get an idea of what type of images we are looking for, just scroll through our Photography Hot Spot Location pages.

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New Jersey Photography and its Local Businesses by Pamela Goodyer

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