The Details of Our Travels to Photography Locations

At my own expense, I offer all of this to you: a humble tribute to Mother Gaia. It is my hope that you will spread my art and message to others, uplifting and inspiring their souls.

May my works guide photographers  illuminating their path toward creating stunning and impactful images that show the raw beauty and essence of life in all its transcendent glory. —Pamela Goodyer

We Traveled to the Best Photography Destinations 


Robin Eiseman’s work leaps off the screen, a fiery display of her burning passion. As we scoured the websites and social media of all the contestants, it became clear that she was more than just a photographer; she was a master of capturing emotion and raw beauty. Each photograph conveyed a different story from a different corner of the world, showcasing Robin’s versatile skills and unrelenting determination to capture the perfect shot. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, Robin’s photographs were a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft.


A lighthouse with a very large moon behind it. or could be a sun.

Congratulations, Robin Eiseman!

Beautiful places near me

Scenic Places to Take Pictures


Scenic places near your location.

Unlock your creative potential with our pick of the most stunning, awe-inspiring places near you. Take breathtaking photographs capturing nature’s true beauty – every single shot will be a work of art! Our magazine is here to help you find the right location and subject matter so you can create unique images that showcase your talent. Don’t wait any longer; unleash your inner artist today!

Follow along with Pamela Goodyer, a world-renowned photographer, as she guides you to the best places to do dynamic photography.

picture of an image showing where to take pictures near my location

 Take Pictures Near Me


Pam Goodyer, a photographer and health fanatic, only uses nontoxic, good-for-you products.

Ageless answer Gary Null's Miracle Cream Jar.


PLUS: How not to get taken by an unethical realtor when buying or selling a home. It isn’t always about photography—the factual story of, in our opinion, the type of realtor who should not be licensed.  The detailed story is coming up and will be featured in a documentary on fraud and corruption.


Pamela Goodyer strides with purpose, her presence alive with ambition and intensity. Her aura of raw ambition and passion for photography, blazing like a star in the night sky, igniting creativity among her peers. Her love for photography is remarkable, burning more brightly in the room; she is an unstoppable force that exudes creativity with every step she takes, a marked presence among some of the most outstanding photographers ever known.

You can experience the depths of my journies through Photography Magazine Extra, an accumulation of a decade and a half worth of globetrotting turned into a guide for photographers and adventurers alike. I created the magazine after my external hard drive accumulated over 100,000 images from years of travel.

I lost my mother in 2018, leaving me with a gaping hole in my life. My mother often said, “Work on your photography magazine – it will make you feel better.” But it felt wrong to try and find joy without my mom by my side anymore. Despite the intense pain, I knew that was exactly what my mother wanted for me. So, I set out to create something beautiful to distract me from the tragedy – as my mom taught me in her final days, a way to not dwell on the negative and focus instead on things that made me happy and fulfilled.

I dove deep into art to escape my emotional pain and found even more new creativity. I believe my mom channels as she connects to the other side. My mother travels everywhere with me and looks over me, keeping me safe. My mother always worried about me traveling alone. I always had to call my mom the minute I returned home so she would no longer worry. I feel her presence and guidance while traveling alone to outlying-off lands.

With much free time and no children, I create Photography Magazine Extra and my art in my spare time. Someday, I will retire and travel the world doing taking pictures for the magazine full-time. I have another passion that consumes her hours during the week: I love being an investigator with a keen eye for detail investigating suspected fraud.

My detective-like mind is a blessing in my work as an investigator and photographer – I yearned to uncover the secrets hidden in every corner of the world, and what better way to do that than through a lens? My work didn’t lie; I made sure of that. My art brings readers to far-off places, almost like they were there. My pictures graced the magazine pages seen worldwide, giving viewers a glimpse into lands and worlds unknown to them.

My photos speak a thousand words, inviting others to travel with me wherever the camera pointed – a journey that no map could ever contain. I have shared these secrets through the magazine, unlocking new doors into places never before seen.

In the magazine, you will find these images I have taken as I have traveled to uncover stunning visual accounts of faraway places and many local New Jersey areas near me. I hope these vivid details leap off the page and grab your soul, taking you on a journey that will linger in your heart long after you finish reading. 


Many desire the travel experience, and with a camera in hand, a passion ignites and then takes on a life of its own. The desire to capture the world’s beauty becomes an obsession, a power that some decide to pursue at all costs. The desire to explore different landscapes can become integral to your journey. Travel is a way to see the lands through a lens. Here in our magazine, we guide you and show you areas to explore, when to travel, how to travel and where to eat and stay while doing photography.


Although the opportunity to explore far and wide wasn’t an option for everyone, the urge to capture every moment of day-to-day life can be vital for those with a passion for photography. Capturing children’s milestones, family portraits, and local scenery, one can find much joy in immortalizing these precious memories through the art of photography. Here, we guide you and give tips and pointers on creating dynamic photography. We show you how to go from shooting in auto-mode to learning many advanced techniques. 


Learn about the many art forms that photography can capture. Learn how to do long-exposure waterfall photography, sports photography, Milkyway Photography, long-exposure photography and even Ghost Hunting Photography.


The book has incredible images and focuses on using art and photography as a healing tool to overcome grief and trauma.

Inspired by grief and heartache and created through the desire to find peace within, the book is a dazzling collection of full-color photographs, creative storytelling and mystical imagery. Her works exude vibrancy, displaying spectacular angles and bold colors that make her true genius shine through. The book is about her genius in creating art and her journey to overcome obstacles, struggle through grief, and overcome heartache. Her life has been filled with many heartbreaking tragedies, and she takes her experience and investigative abilities to guide others in recovering from emotional pain.

Her work blazes with intense and electrifying colors that invoke a sense of awe and wonder. Every digital brush stroke is like lightning, striking the canvas with raw energy and creative force. She is known to be a master of manipulating emotions through her art mixed with words, tugging on heartstrings until they snap in two. Invest in her fine art and watch the value grow. Her many emotional tragedies are overcome through her works, creating vibrant images that heal the heart and soul.

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