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Read all about Nova Scotia, Peggy’s Cove and our new favorite resort/wedding destination Oceanstone Seaside Resort here tomorrow.

Find out why we almost canceled our flight to go back home because we wanted to stay at this luxurious resort for a few more days. Coming home was extremely difficult on this Nova Scotia trip. When you stay at a location like this you never want to leave.

Peggys Cove, Novia Scotia, Canada

Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spots.

We are extremely saddened by the devastation that has recently occurred in Puerto Rico. We are sending massive amounts of healing energy to the area. 

Cobo Rojo lighthouse Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spots.

Photography Magazine Extra has just been to Nova Scotia

It has been a tough year for our Magazine with a major loss but we are back out on our journey. Read all about Nova Scotia.

Photography Magazine Extra’s owner’s mom Mary Margaret has been very ill for the past year. The owner took her Mom under her wing and cared for her and it was all-consuming. She dedicated her entire life to making her Mother’s days as best as they could possibly be. She devoted herself to making each and every day as good as it could possibly be sacrificing anything at all for her Mom. She took a break from the magazine but now she is back.

She put the magazine on the back burner for a year and often said, “I have the rest of my life to travel and create. I do not have the rest of my life with my Mom.” The staff kept things running but we are going full force getting back to normal business.  That is how Mom would want it to be.  “Mom was my very best friend all of my life. I never had someone treat me so well that I could trust and love so much. I had the most wonderful relationship of a lifetime. For that, I am so grateful. I will dive into my art to escape the emotional agony. Mom will send me creative energy. Watch for what I am about to create.”

Nova Scotia

God Speed Mary Margaret one of the kindest souls in the Universe and now our own personal angel.  We are heading to Nova Scotia now to use the creative genius our Angel will funnel to us.

Our Most Recent Photography Hot Spots

Photography Locations and Ghost Hunting

Shark Fin Cove and Shark Tooth Beach - Davenport California

Shark Fin Cove, California

A “coolest” place on earth

milkyway maine. Pemaquid Point, Lighthouse with milky way above

Maine Lighthouses & Milky Way Photography

Travel the coast of Maine in the dark sky locations

Banff Rocky Mountain Resort - The Best Hotels.

The Best Hotels

Stay at the best hotels near the Best Photography Hot Spots

Ricketts Glenn State Park, waterfall with a long exposure to show milky running waters.

Ricketts Glen State Park

One of the BEST locations on the east coast – Waterfall Heaven

Jasper National Park Photography location

Jasper National Park

Great Waterfalls and Wildlife

Photography Magazine Extra Fine art prints canvas

Invest in Fine Art 

The Stock Market is up and our art prices are following. 🙂 Invest Now!

Photography Magazine Extra Fine art prints canvas

Enter our Photography Contest

2018 Summer Photography Contest. Enter now!

Photography contest- Photography Magazine Extra



Travel the world!!

think tank camera bags

Think Tank Camera Bags

Crazy Good Quality. It is all Incredible Gear.

photo center

The Photo Center

Best Service & Best Prices Ever. Photography Magazine Extra only uses The Photo Center.

Cool Photography Stuff

You really have to check this stuff out!

Photographer of the Month 

Michael Ver Sprill, “Milky Way Mike.” Some Completely awesome art.

Driving Maine to Canada

Maine To Canada -Acadia National Park & Fundy Trail

Mount Rainier National Park

A Top Ten Location – Read our Full Article

Cherry Springs State Park

A Top Ten Milky Way Location – Read our Full Article

Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania

Waterfalls wherever you go – Read our Full Article

Milky Way Madness in 2018!!

We will travel the world this year to bring you the best images. Get some great dark sky advise here.

Check out our new Restaurant Review Section

And some other great reviews photographers will be interested in like why NOT to use A-2 Hosting.

Where to eat on your photography journey and where NOT to eat! Here is where you should NOT eat!! – The Brass Rail, Matawan, New Jersey

Avon, N.J. Restaurant, Seed to Sprout
Brass Rail Matawan, New Jerse3y

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