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Prizes are courtesy of our favorite camera store, “The Photo Center.”  1930 Route 88, Bricktown, NJ, 08724,  (732) 840-1333

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Extra Eyes Photo Tours – Ground and Private Jet Photography Tours, Workshops, and Lessons in person N.J. or via Zoom.

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Photographers Keep Full Rights to Their Images

IMPORTANT INFO: Unlike other contests, we will only use your image for our magazine and our social media to promote our contest always giving the photographer credit. 

We acknowledge and uphold the ownership rights of all photographers, and we kindly request that our members and visitors do the same. All content on our website is protected by copyright law, and no one is permitted to duplicate or replicate any material under any circumstances.

Other contests use your images entered the contest with unlimited usage rights without credits. We DO NOT do that. We only use your image here in Photography Magazine Extra, and if we ever use it for advertising elsewhere, you will receive credit for the image. We may use your photo in our magazine or to promote our contest. That’s it — Nothing More. We treat photographers the way we would like to be treated. 

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Next Photography Contest will be Announced Soon

“Discover The Quick & Easy Ways To Enjoy More Photography Exposure… Starting Today!”

Your first two entries are free. You can enter as many additional photos as possible for $5.00 each.

Even if you think your photography may not win, the contest is free; there is nothing to lose. 


Here’s what you’ll get if you win or are a runner-up…

Get your photography published and show it to all your friends, family and potential clients.

✅ The quick and easy way to recognize your name and show off your talent!

✅ You’ll discover the straightforward way to be published—even if you are just getting started in photography.

First Place in the Landscape Photographer of the Year will get:

A full-page spread displaying their photographs submitted

✅ A link to their website

✅ Artist’s Info

✅$100.00 Gift Card from The Photo Center in Brick.

First Place in the Photo of the Year Contest will get:

A half – page spread displaying their photograph 

✅ A link to their website

✅ Artist’s Info

think tank camera bags

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Those who are selected as runner-ups will not only receive recognition, but their stunning photographs will also be proudly displayed in Photography Magazine Extra. Their names will be featured alongside their captivating images, showcasing their talent and skill to a wide audience.


Photography Contest Winner Julio Pardo

One of our former Winners – Julio Castro, view his work on our winner’s page.

This was our “Photographer of the Year 2022” contest. Thank you, Julio, for entering and winning our contest!

Cotton Candy - Nathan Cox - Beautiful purple and pink skies over blue silky water reflecting the colors

One of our former Winners – Cotton Candy – Nathan Cox, as seen on our Front Page with credits for almost a year! Thank you, Nathan, for entering our contest.

Meet Pamela Goodyer

Get Exposure and Recognition for Your Photography

Pamela Goodyer is an international award-winning photographer who loves to discover talent and help new photographers get exposure and recognition for their photography and fine art.

For over ten years, Pamela Goodyer has been helping photographers unlock their creative potential, achieve confidence and gain exposure for their photography. 

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