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Pictured Above: Build circa 1710-1725 This was a prison and a slave house. Among the Revolutionary War figures who visited this house are George and Martha Washington. Solitude House, High Bridge, N.J.

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Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Photography

Paranormal Photography

Dating back to the 1800s, paranormal photography has been a point of controversy. It includes capturing paranormal phenomena in images.  We are in search of documenting and showing evidence of ghosts, orbs and apparitions, ectoplasms or vortexes and anything not of this world in our images. Many people dismiss paranormal photography and videos, but it can still be considered a legitimate field of study. Inexplicable images such as orbs, ectoplasms, or vortexes appear in many photographs during our hunts.

Some common term and things to consider bringing whilst Ghost Hunting. Digital and analog audio recorder: To capture any unexplained noises and electronic voice phenomena. Orb: Unexpected,  circular in nature, artifacts that occur in photography. EMF Meters: Measure fluctuations in electromagnet fields (or EM fields). Apparition – a ghost or ghostlike image of a person. Paranormal: Referring to something that is beyond the range of normal human experience or scientific explanation.

Where to Ghost Hunt: · Churches • Graveyards • Battlefields • Historic Sites • Old Hotels

Pam Goodyer ghost hunting photography magazine extra
Corel VideoStudio Pro X9

How To Shoot Ghost Hunting Photography

Lens: Ghost hunting is a wide angle lens activity, but you ideally do need a lens with an open aperture such as 2.8 or below. The higher end cameras will allow you to go to a very high ISO with less noise, so they are also ideal. If you don’t have a high-end camera, any camera will do. After all, we are not going for super high-quality images here. We are going for super high amounts of paranormal activity instead.

Gear:  Bring your tripod and your infrared filter along with your infrared illuminating light and your shutter release. Bring your driver’s license just in case you are questioned by the police. Be prepared for that. Be sure there aren’t any NO TRESPASSING signs where you are, and you should be okay. There is a list of equipment below that you should consider purchasing.  Grab this Corel Studio Video 9 if you <<< plan to do any video.



When to Go: Anytime is fine, but traditionally the best results have been documented after 9 p.m. To save money buy a regular light and a red silk flower and gorilla tape the flower over the light. Voila, a red light.


A DSLR Camera: Can be used for Ghost Hunting Photography but cannot see in the dark completely. You can use a red light to illuminate the area or just bring a flashlight for focusing and you can easily obtain apparitions if you can stand the insidious invasion of the paranormal.

Full Spectrum Digital Camera: – Takes quality Full Spectrum photos and video. They have been professionally modified to accept deeper Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light to allow photos deep into the usually unseen spectrum of light. Best used with an external infrared light source.

Infrared (IR) Digital Camera: – Takes quality IR photos and video with the convenience and ease of a compact digital camera with a built-in infrared light source.

Camera Settings: For basic DSLR Photography our goal is capturing activity not necessarily, always super high quality so that we will do a few things a little out of the ordinary.

  1. You must use a tripod when shooting in the dark area.
  2. Set your camera to manual mode.
  3. Put your camera on the 2-second timer or use a cable release.
  4. Set your ISO very high for very dark locations. This lets more light into the camera.  Set it much lower if you are outside and have some light source such as the moon. You cannot shoot a DSLR in total darkness. You will need some light sources such as church light, a full moon or a red light in the back of a room.  Set your ISO depending on how much light you have.  Again, it’s not always about avoiding grain or digital noise here. ISO 100 for outdoors in graveyards with light. ISO 6400 for very dark areas or interiors.
  5. Set your aperture to the lowest it will go such (ex. 2.8), to let more light in if needed. If you need some depth of field set the aperture a little higher. You cannot go too much higher in the darkness since the higher the number the less light that will come into the camera.  Scroll your shutter speed until the meter reads center zero. You can take some test shots and adjust from there.

Now you are set.  If you do not have enough light or if your camera will not focus take a flashlight and light up a single subject in the picture. (Don’t blast light all over you will disturb who it is you are there to find.) Put the focus point of where the camera will focus on the area you have lit up.  When you see the camera has obtained focus and the two-second timer starts turn your flashlight off. The camera will now take the shot. Set your camera to manual focus without touching the focus ring. Take several pictures without moving your camera.  Every time you do different shots you will have to refocus the same way again.

Another way to obtain focus in darker areas is to turn on live view. Hit your zoom button. Zoom in on something lit. Expose your image. When you zoom in the camera can see it better to grab focus.

Ghost Huntint Hot Spot, location, where to do, ghost hunting, hunter, ghost, equipment, store, detection, investigations, paranormal, orb, apparitions, entities, detector, haunted, demon, banshee, soul, paranormal

Just  In case you missed the Castle entrance with teetering, frightening apparitions looming and lurking to frighten you, you can find Ghost Hunting Photography Hot Spot Locations here too.

Here are a few GHOST hot spots in case you were too afraid to enter above.

Old Tennent Church Ghost hunt photography magazine extra
Ghost Hunting Photography
Old Tennent Church Ghost hunt photography magazine extra

ghost hunt- photography magazine extra

Vortexes come through the church window.

op ghost hunt- photography magazine extra

Paranormal Pam’s boyfriend Henry reveals himself only when the image is lightened days later.

op ghost hunt- photography magazine extra

Green Orbs were every where on this hunt.

Pictured Above:  Solitude House, High Bridge, N.J.


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