Our Top Hotels & Photography Spots

Where to Do Photography and Where to Stay for a Photography Trip

List of Favorite Hotels Near Our Favorite Photography Locations

We recommend that you stay in these hotels or bed and breakfasts when photographing these areas. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at every one of these locations, and you can see the photography in these areas can be phenomenal. Here is your to-do list for 2019.

These are some of the most fabulous hotels and resorts combined with jaw-dropping photography locations. You can follow in our footsteps, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Check out each article to see the area’s images and the hotel/motel details.

If we had to pick our top three hotels:

The Flanders Hotel – New Jersey – One of our images from this article won awards last month! 

We also have another one from our Hawaii trip that is shown in the contest here.

The Oceanside Resort – Nova Scotia – We even renovated a room in our house to look like the hotel room we stayed in, it was that fabulous!

Our Favorite Photography Locations for this Year:

Ricketts Glenn State Park – Pa.

Lee’s Ferry Arizona – Pa.

The Canadian Rockies 

Sedona –  Arizona

Cabo Rojo – Puerto Rico

Top Hotels and Top Photography Location List

The Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, New Jersey, and the local fishing pier photography. Long exposure, milky waters, sunrise, sunset, and night photography location.

The Canadian Rockies and The Banff Rocky Mountain Resort – This location is one of the Best Places in the World to do photography and the best place to stay.

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia Canada, and the Oceanside Resort – Lighthouse, Milky Way, sunrise, sunset photography location.

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park N.J. and The Drifting Sands Hotel – Lighthouse, Milky Way, sunrise, sunset photography location.

Rocky Mountain National Park and The Colorado Cabin Adventure and The Inn on Falls River – Milky Way, and wildlife photography location

Baxter State Park, Maine, and The New England Outdoor Center – Moose photography, landscape, and dark sky Milky Way photography location.

Jerome Arizona and The Ghost City Inn – Ghost Hunting Photography Hot Spot at its best.

Lee’s Ferry Arizona and The Lee’s Ferry Inn – This is a Milky Way photography and long exposure paradise.

Sea Isle City, N.J. and The Colonnade Inn – Sunrise, sunset, long exposure, and Milky Way Photography Hot Spot.

Shark Fin Cove, California, and The Davenport Roadhouse Inn – long exposure, Milky Way photography and sunrise, sunset location.

Cape May and the Sea Crest Inn – Sunrise, sunset, long exposure, milky way location.

Cherry Springs State Park, Pa. and The Frosty Hollow Bed and Breakfast – Dark skies Milky Way photography location

Ricketts Glenn State Park and The Pine Barn Inn – Waterfall photographers heaven.

East Point Lighthouse and the Cape Harbor Motor Inn – Sunrise, sunset, lighthouse, long exposure, ghost hunting photography location.

Orchard Beach Maine and the Crest Motel – Sunrise, sunset, dark sky Milky Way photography, and amusement pier photography.

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and Combate Beach Resort – Puerto Rico – Long exposure milky waters, sunrise, and sunset photography hot spot.

Crash Boat and Fusion Beach Villas, Isabela Puerto Rico – Long exposure milky waters, sunrise, and sunset photography area.

El Yunque National Forest and the Luquillo Sunrise Beach InnPuerto Rico – This is a Puerto Rico long exposure milky waters, sunrise and sunset photography, and natural jungle photography location.