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    El Yuque National Park Overlooking the forest and the ocean from the top of the tower.

El Yunque National Forest Photography Hot Spot

Welcome to the hidden gem of Puerto Rico: El Yunque National Forest. This mystical rainforest, once known as Luquillo National Forest, is shrouded in mystery and magic. Its lush landscape, filled with 28,000 acres of dense foliage, waterfalls, and rivers, has been untouched for centuries. The towering peaks, including El Toro at 3,494 ft above sea level, add to the grandeur and mystique of this forest. But be warned – the heavy rainfall (over 200 inches a year!) creates an otherworldly jungle setting that can quickly turn treacherous.

Legend has it that the Taíno people believed this sacred land was home to spirits and gods. Some say “El Yunque” comes from their word for “white lands,” while others claim it refers to an ancient anvil-shaped rock formation. One thing is certain – stepping into this forest is like crossing into another realm.

El Yuque National Park The tower with people looking out.

Visitors Center and Yokahu Tower

Before entering the forest, stop by the gift shop and visitor center. There, you can grab a map, watch a movie, and have any questions answered. Entrance is $4.00.

The park is also home to two observation towers: the Yokahú Tower (seen in our photo), built in 1963 and known for its superior views compared to the other tower, Mount Britton Tower. While the latter may be situated at a higher altitude, it often has obstructed views due to cloud cover. The Yokahú Tower has a convenient parking lot nearby, while the Britton Tower is deep in the forest. Along your journey, there will be designated stops for food – check out our section below for more information on that.

USE camera information photography


Lens:  Bring your wide-angle. We didn’t see much wildlife at all at this location.

Gear List at a Glance: Circular polarizing filter, neutral density filters, tripod, shutter release, wide-angle and rain sleeve, just in case and waterproof backpack.

When to Go: Any time of year. It is a tourist location, so midweek is the best off-season.


Shutter Speed – Find out more about how to shoot in shutter priority. This is used mainly for moving subjects to avoid motion blur.

Aperture – Shooting in aperture priority allows you to focus on your depth of field. It is used chiefly for still subjects.

ISO – This controls how much light is let into your camera when exposing your picture.

White Balance – Color temperature. Cloud, shade, sun, and custom settings are also available.


Area Information ♦ Hotels ♦ Restaurants ♦ Camping ♦ Weather

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Entrance Fees: El Yunque National Forest—The park has no entrance fees. However, there is a $4.00 fee to enter the visitor’s center.

HC-01, Box 13490
Rio Grande, PR

(787) 888-1880

The best hotels while doing photography


Hotel Information: Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn

“It has a great location for photographing the sunrise on the beach, El Yunque National Forest, and local culture.” We also did some night photography in front of the Inn.  We really cannot say enough great things about it. We had the cottage in the back—an Oceanfront hotel with easy access to bio-bays, ferries, rainforests, and local food kiosks. The open terrace overlooking Luquillo Beach hosts a free hot breakfast and a hammock for relaxation. You can walk down to the nearby beach for snorkeling or drive to nearby kiosks for local delicacies.

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La Quillo Sunrise Beach Inn

Stay here when visiting El Yunque National Forest. Do some local beach photography and have a great breakfast. It is right on the beach; you can also do night photography while staying here. It’s a perfect location. It is very clean, fabulous service, and we highly recommend it.

Balcony image.

Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn

Fabulous price. Fabulous Service. Stay here!

Breakfast on a colorful tablecloth with colorful fruit on the balcony.

Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn

Sunrise hotel.

Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn



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We stopped here while at El Yunque National Forest. No one acknowledged us, looked us in the eye, or cared that we were starving. No one helped us, so we left. It is also expensive. This is right next to the parking lot for the main waterfall trail.

El Yuque National Park

Do Not Go Here.

El Yuque National Park

Eat here. La Muralla – El Yunque National Forest.



Click here to see the weather

Don’t forget that you can use a rain sleeve on your camera if it is raining. If it is bright and sunny, you want to use a low ISO such as 100.

If you are doing photography along with your ghost hunting on cloudy days, you can do running water or waterfall photography to avoid the glaring sun. You can also use an ND filter to get a long exposure for dramatic effects, even in the sunshine. If you ghost hunt indoors in abandoned places, be careful!

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