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Pamela Goodyer, Photographer Extraordinaire

Pamela Goodyer Fine Art Display strip

The Sacrifices of the Artist

Pam firmly believes in abundance meditation, and her unwavering determination has manifested in her success. She has been creating beautiful art since she can remember and puts all her energy into it. Her ultimate objective is to explore and appreciate Earth’s natural wonders.
To accomplish this, Pam travels far and wide – regardless of the conditions she faces; she hikes through mud, scales mountains and clings onto cliffs, sometimes going days without sleep in pursuit of capturing that perfect shot. No matter the obstacle or challenge before her, Pam is determined to take whatever steps necessary to get the desired result; nothing will stand between her and her passion.

800/53 Fine art photography Pamela Goodyear Canadian Rockies Beau Falls Lake.
800/53Pamela, good your fine art photography. Sky full of colors reflecting on a puddle and a peer.
800/54 The Salton Sea Fine Art photography, beautiful sky bright colors.

About the Artist

Pamela Goodyer is a virtuoso in photography, possessing an unrivaled eye for composition and a talent honed through natural ability and decades of dedicated practice. Her work has earned her international awards and recognition from the filmmaking industry, earning her the moniker of “Photographer Extraordinaire.”

The brilliance of Goodyer’s artistry is evidenced by having over 700 press releases across the globe and being featured in various magazines. Her masterfully crafted portfolio contains an enchanting mixture of full-color photos, vivid storytelling, and creativity that bring each of her works to life. She captures moments with clever angles and vibrant colors, revealing her genius.

Her photography book is a dazzling collection of full-color photographs, creative storytelling and mystical imagery. Her works exude vibrancy, displaying spectacular angles and bold colors that make her true genius shine through.

Her work blazes with intense and electrifying colors that invoke a sense of awe and wonder. Every digital brush stroke is like a bolt of lightning, striking the canvas with raw energy and creative force. She is known to be a master of manipulating emotions through her art mixed with words, tugging on heartstrings until they snap in two.  Invest in her fine art and watch the value grow.

Canvas Gallery Wraps Fine Art

Fine art canvas by internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer Pamela Goodyer.  The Fine Art you will purchase is an investment representing the artist’s experience and expressions.


Prices periodically increase over the years. They will continue to do so in the future, meaning your investment’s value will also go up.  We reserve the right to increase prices at any time.  Our prices will be increasing on January 1st, 2023. We expect the value to be a minimum of 10% more.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

Each piece of art will be sent with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. It guarantees this is an original Pamela Goodyer fine art piece.

Description – 1.5″ wood frame, cotton, clay-coated gallery wraps at different sizes.  Extend images entirely around the canvas option is also available. We suggest you plan to frame the piece and print on a smaller 1″ wood frame for easier framing.

Other Images Available

Any image in the magazine that has Pam Goodyer’s watermark on it can also be purchased. Prints and other sizes are also available. Please email for custom price quotes to Purchase Fine Art.


Fine art photography, Kingston Mill, South Brunswick, NJ.

Two International Awards were won for this dynamic piece of art.

Fine art photography Emerald Lake.

International Award winning image by Pamela Goodyer

Picture of two boats on a canvas.

Campobello Island

by Pamela Goodyer

Picture of a peer on a canvas.

Favorite Day (w/my brother)

by Pamela Goodyer

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Pamela Goodyer uses the gift given to her to obtain a perfect composition in her art. She allows the Universe to guide her to incredible locations to document the beauty of the earth. That is her calling. That is what she is meant to do. “That is the reason I am on this planet.” Her journies are deep, meaningful and spiritual.

Would you like to purchase fine art or create your own?

Would you like to learn how to create dynamic images/Fine Art for yourself? That is what this magazine is all about. The first part of creating incredible photography is to find the subject matter that is outstanding. There are several things you must do to create something different than other artists. We are all about travel photography, where to do photography, photography locations, and photography hot spots.

You can read about some place in more detail in our Travel Photography Pages. 

Use a Circular Polarizing Filter or a Neutral Density Filter.  You will also want to do some editing to your images and use a Topaz Filter.

Dynamic Images are created with any moving waters and using the milky water effect to awe your fans.  Take a look at how to shoot waterfall photography if you need some pointers.

Grab a Think Tank Camera Bag and head out to an incredible destination and start creating Fine Art for yourself.

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Purchasing Fine Art is an investment, while properly placing it in your home is also an art. Purchasing Fine Art is an investment, but it goes beyond that. Pamela Goodyer’s art expresses her passion for life and its joys. Her pictures burst with vibrant color and represent an unrivaled level of optimism and positivity. Every piece of art she creates reflects the same smile, illuminating a spirit filled with abundance and contentment.

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