volunteer writers submit images and articles

We are in need of well-written articles and images. If you would like to be considered for the main page article please include well-written copy with your images.  Since we are new we have a ton of room for different subjects. Write a quick tip, an equipment article, a how-to, or a travel experience. We will find a place for it.

Photos can be submitted for our Gallery with a small paragraph to be posted below the image. Please add your watermark but be sure the image is still seen clearly but yet protect yourself from those that may copy it. Please size your images to approximately 1024 x 800.  If you are new to this Picasa by Google will enable you to easily type your watermark on your picture then export that new image with this exact size. 

To submit Images – Please size your images to approximately 1000 x 800

Gallery – Please include a location description

Image of the week – Please include at least one paragraph. The more type, the better your chances.

Travel Location. – Please include location, address, and description.

Send ONLY resized images to extraeyessports@aol.com 

We do not use your images for any other purpose besides displaying them here in the magazine. You retain 100% copyright.

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