Takakkaw Falls Canada Photography Location

Takakkaw Falls Canada Photography

Takakkaw Falls Canada is a waterfall located in Yoho National Park, near Field, British Columbia in Canada. Its highest point is 302 meters or 991 ft from its base, making it the 45th tallest waterfall in eastern British Columbia. However, its true “free-fall” is only 260 or meters, 850 ft.

“Takakkaw,” loosely translated from Cree, means something like “it is magnificent.” The falls are fed by the Daly Glacier which is part of the Waputik Icefield. The glacier keeps the volume of the falls up during the warm summer months, and they are a tourist attraction, particularly in late spring after the dense snow melts, when the falls are at peak condition. The Takakkaw Falls were featured in the 1995 film Last of the Dogmen.

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The Canadian Rockies mountain system comprises the southeastern part of this system, laying between the Interior Plains of Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia on the east to the Rocky Mountain Trench of BC on the west. The southern end borders Idaho and Montana of the USA. In geographic terms, the boundary is at the Canada/US border, but in geological terms, it might be considered to be at Marias Pass in northern Montana. The northern end is at the Liard River in northern British Columbia.

The Canadian Rockies have numerous high peaks and ranges, such as Mount Robson (Sometimes called Mount Bella) (3,954 m (12,972 ft)) and Mount Columbia (3,747 m (12,293 ft)). The Canadian Rockies are composed of shale and limestone. Much of the range is protected by national and provincial parks, several of which collectively comprise a World Heritage Site.

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Takakkaw Falls Canada Photography Information

This location is not always open all year. The road is closed for most of the winter. Be sure to check if it is open when you travel here. One year it was open the last week of June on our visit; another year, it was closed. Don’t miss this incredible spot if you can help it. Bring your tripod for your long exposure shot. Bring some lens cleaners also. If you get too close, the mist will hit your lens. This is a milky waters paradise.

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