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Vanier Park

Vanier Park – 1683 Whyte Ave., Vancouver, British Columbia – Wow what a great hot spot this is! It offers a ton of fresh opportunities to get some naturally dynamic images. The boats are incredible the way they all stack up. Get lucky and go on a cloudy day and you’ll be creating some fantastic art here.  We waited and waited for the sun to pop out from behind the clouds since we do not shoot without the sun. It only popped out for a few seconds here and there so the images here could be much more dynamic. It was the last day of the Extra Eyes Photo Tour and hotel was near here to be close to the airport for the morning flight out. Boy did we did not want to go, but we were exhausted. On the photo tour, we start shooting at sunrise, shoot sunset (10 p.m. in June) and do night photography also. The group doesn’t have to do it all, but the staff sure has to be there.  The tour was changed around this year. The Trans Canadian Highway got flooded out. We didn’t panic. We just changed our route to end in Vancouver, and the airports and rental cars cooperated since it was a declared emergency. There was no charge for changing anything, and we had an incredible tour. One day of rain out of six but take a look at the amazing images on this tour.  Vancouver photography hot spots – send us your pictures.