Featured Photographers 2023

Julio Castro – Landscape Photographer of the Year

Dynamic Images by Julio Castro

Julio Castro Pardo – Winner Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Julio Castro is​​​​​​ from La Coruña, Spain. Our jaws all dropped when we received these images for our contest entry. Julio travels the world creating incredible images for us to view.  His photos have been awarded in 200 contests worldwide. He has a great love for nature, hiking, and especially astronomy, which has fueled his great passion for night photography.

He has a series of Spanish tutorials that you can purchase from his website.  You can see his full page and details on his Lanscape Photographer of the Year page.

Featured Photographers with Incredible Talent

Michael Ver Sprill, “Milky Way Mike” – Mike Ver Sprill is an artist and photographer who live’s his life to the beat of his own drum. He takes the initiative to venture out on his own even if it means waking up in the back of his car, hours away from home, just to capture a photograph. Those are the moments when he realizes his passion has become an obsession. See our Featured Photographer’s full article here.

tom gross featured photographer

Tom Gross

Tom Gross

is an amateur photographer and animal lover. His interest in photography dates back to the 7th and 8th grades when his history teacher brought slides to class illustrating her summer travels. That huge screen and bright image bowled him over. He began taking travel pictures in 1968 when he got his first 35mm camera. He always shot slides and saved them in trays to help the family recall their travels. Tom has a great natural talent and is one of the happiest personalities. He is a true animal lover at heart, and we believe people who love and connect with animals are some of the kindest, most compassionate people you will find.  Tom likes to photograph wildlife and landscapes. He is very knowledgeable in bird identification.

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