Little ghost Ghost Hunting Photography

The Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

The Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

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Little ghost Ghost Hunting Photography

The Most Haunted Places in New Jersey

Here is your list of where to go ghost hunting in New Jersey. We are creating the list because we will ghost hunt each of these locations over the next few months. Follow along as we travel to the ghostly places with caution to discover the apparitions while trying not to become frantic with fear when we encounter the spirits from beyond. Follow along if you dare.

Since we are located in Monmouth County, we will first start with the more local haunted hotels, graveyards, and locations

Haunted New Jersey

The Berkely Asbury Park N.J. Haunted Hotel

The hotel is the main attraction in Asbury Parks’s paranormal activity. This may be due to the S.S. Morro cruise ship, which exploded and washed ashore just near the hotel entrance in 1934.

They run safe Halloween tours where they allow groups to explore the haunted areas of the hotel— we hope to do it sooner and not in a group setting.

The Surf City Hotel – Long Beach Island

Top on our list is The Surf City Hotel on Long Beach Island. As you can see, we love the Island for milky way photography and lighthouse photography. We will travel back and hopefully obtain permission to hunt the Surf City Hotel. This hotel was built in the 1800s hotel. It has been documented that apparitions haunt the hotel regularly. 

There was a shipwreck of Powhattan in 1854, where almost 300 people were killed. The word is they stored the bodies in this building before the owner robbed the bodies. We will travel to the hotel in hopes of interviewing the new owner and staff and explore the paranormal, and try to connect to those who died in the shipwreck who are on the other side.

The Greenville Hotel – Bayhead N.J. – Haunted Hotel

There have been many reports of laughter of children playing, footsteps in places humans are not in, apparitions in old elegant clothing and many other sightings.

We are in the hope to stay at the hotel, interview the owners and staff and find paranormal evidence and explain who the apparitions are and why they are there.

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