We traveled to Arenal Volcano and were in awe of the stunning display of color that surrounded it. As the colossal peak towered over us, clouds shifted through an array of blues and grays while the sun crept in and out of the gorgeous cloud formations, giving the area a dreamlike feel.

La Fortuna has several magnificent landscapes, from rivers to mountains, lakes to waterfalls. But Arenal Volcano takes center stage and serves as its most iconic feature. This stratovolcano stands tall at 1633 meters above sea level, with its near-perfect cone shape easily visible for miles in every direction.

Much more than just a tourist attraction, Arenal Volcano has been integral to developing La Fortuna as we know it today. Visitors can journey here to experience all the natural wonders this area offers — from hot springs, caves, canyons, trails and forests to its friendly locals — and they can be blessed with breathtaking views of the volcano.

We spent the day at Arenal 1968. This magnificent park has a restaurant that creates a magical experience. The sky glowed a deep dark blue, illuminated by the dancing white clouds about the Arenal Volcano. We stepped inside the restaurant and were overcome by a wave of delicious aromas, melding together in perfect harmony. The atmosphere was alive with delight, as the overall experience of dining in nature seemed to transcend the psyche into sheer euphoria. We savored every moment of the dining experience, overwhelmed by awe at the magnificence of Mother Nature’s dramatic creation just in the distance.


Traveling to Arenal 1968 from La Fortuna is about a 15-minute drive from downtown La Fortuna. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy 4×4 vehicle—a regular car will do just fine for getting to the Arenal Volcano Park. Once you arrive, there’s plenty of parking available in their spacious lot.


Arenal Volcano National Park is about 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) from Arenal 1968. Amidst the expansive landscape of lush forests, we were told the National Park what was promised to be a primarily hiking experience per the woman at the payment booth. As avid photographers, we eagerly selected the Arenal 1968, enticed by the ample opportunities for capturing stunning visuals. You may want to photograph both of these locations, but it could also mean much hiking between them.


(See the picture above on the left)

We strongly urge you to pause and indulge in nourishment at this remarkable restaurant, which views the pond mirroring the awe-inspiring volcano. The experience of just sitting in this fabulous location, connecting to Mother Gaia, and feeling the incredible energy is something not to miss.

We Run a Private Jet Photography Tour to This Location

The Arenal Country Inn



As we journeyed through the world, we were lucky to come upon a place of astonishing beauty – so captivating that it filled our hearts with wonder and excitement. The staff was incredibly hospitable and kind, making us feel at home. It was an expedition of perfect bliss.

I hoped my deep emotions would go unnoticed as I sat at the outdoor breakfast table at the Inn. The beauty of the journey of this wonderous location churned an inexhaustible sensation in my soul, and a single tear of profound passion cascaded down my cheek. – Pamela Goodyer

Fantastic and exotic gardens surround the rooms. This beautiful natural scenario becomes the perfect place for bird photography every morning and sunset. You will see sloths, tucans, frogs and several types of birds at this resort, so have your zoom lens ready. You will be at the foot of the majestic Arenal volcano, less than a kilometer away from La Fortuna town, which is the perfect location.

The rooms have a TV with cable, A/C, a mini fridge, a safe deposit box, orthopedic mattresses, fine wood furniture, a private bathroom with hot water and a terrace. There is a large swimming pool, dining and entertainment area, tour desk and parking.

Knowing we were photographers, a staff member brought us an itty-bitty frog to photograph! So make sure you remember your macro lens. We didn’t have time to switch our camera gear quickly, so always have it ready in your backpack in this lovely resort.


1km South from Catholic Church – La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica


Take a wildlife tour at the Slouth Watching Trail from 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday – Sunday.

Sloth Watching Trail La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano Private Trail – Make Reservations -+506 2479 7104, 600 east of the Central Park, La Fortuna, Alajuela Province Alajuela, La Fortuna, 21007

Visit a local artist at the Original Grand Gallery, which is all on the main strip. There are many restaurants and shops along the main road through La Fortuna.



Our journey took us around Lake Arenal as we approached Tilleron. We made several stops to photograph some of the stunning scenery. That evening, we stayed at a charming resort called Villa Decary Resort, known for its abundance of bird species. We spent most of our time on the grounds, taking pictures of the diverse plants and birds that call this place home.

The photos of the resort below show who we met along our journey to Costa Rica—our absolute favorite. The resort’s owners are pretty awesome, too. If you get here, please spend some time with your friend. The best part of the whole trip was the pure, unconditional love.

Another great part of the trip was having the absolute best vegetarian burger in our lifetime at Tinajas Arenal, an incredibly photogenic restaurant on the side of the lake.

Carretera 142, Nuevo Arenal, Gas Station 1 km South, Nuevo Arenal, CR 50807 +506 2694 4667   Tue9:30 AM–9 PM


Villa Decary Resort Seen below with our doggie friend.  


Hotel Villa Decary is 44 km from La Fortuna on Route 142. From La Fortuna, travel west toward Tabacon, Nuevo Arenal and Tilaran. When you first see the lake, the road continues across the causeway of the dam and becomes the main lake road. Villa Decary is about a 30-minute drive from the dam on the main lake road. We are around the bend from a small shopping and restaurant plaza called The Falls with signs for Tycoon Art Gallery, Lajas Restaurant, UPS and Century 21. Though you can’t see the hotel from the road, look for the Villa Decary sign on your right and turn into our driveway up the hill to the hotel. If you pass The Gingerbread restaurant, you have gone about .1 km too far.


Tinajas Arenal – where we had the veggie burger – Carretera 142, Nuevo Arenal, Gas Station 1 km South, Nuevo Arenal, CR 50807 +506 2694 4667   Tue9:30 AM–9 PM

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