Pamela Goodyer Photographer Extraordinaire


And now Director of Photography for a Motion Picture and TV Series

Pamela Goodyer  – Her work is often referred to as “Genius.” She is a “Photographer Extraordinaire.” She sees life in perfect composition, a gift given to only one in a million. She is highly accomplished in her photography field and can command top dollar for her art and photo shoots. When you see her work, you instantly understand why she can command top dollar for her work and shoots.

Art collectors should invest now in her Fine Art as her works are steadily increasing in price. Limited edition collections sell for approximately ten thousand dollars and will soon be worth much more.  Pamela begins her journey as “Director of Photography” for a Motion Picture, a TV Series, and a Documentary in 2021. They will be based upon The Women of the Revolution. We now see these still artwork prices easily doubling in just the next few years as her artistic genius quickly becomes much more recognizable throughout the film industry and the world. She has numerous international awards and has had well over 500 press releases worldwide, showing the fantastic, dynamic images she creates like no other before her.

Some limited editions are visible below. 

Fine Art Investment

Print will be signed on the mat only. the watermark will be removed.

Fine Art by international award-winning photographer Pamela Goodyer.  The art you are purchasing is an investment and represents the artist’s experience and expressions. Prices periodically increase over the years and will continue to do so in the future which means the value of your investment will also go up. Purchase this artist’s favorite collectors piece at 

Certificate of Authenticity – Each piece of art is sent with a signed certificate of Authenticity that guarantees this is an original Pamela Goodyer fine art piece.

Description – 1.5″ wood frame, cotton, clay-coated gallery wraps at different sizes.  Extend images completely around canvas also available.

Other Images Available – Any image in the magazine that has Pam Goodyer’s watermark on it can also be purchased. Prints and other sizes are also available. Please call for custom price quotes. 732-821-0915