Cordillera Central – Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spot

Cordillera Central Puerto Rico Photography Location

Cordillera Central (English: Central Mountains range) is the leading mountain range in Puerto Rico. The range crosses the island from west to east and divides the island into northern and southern coastal plains.

The Cordillera Central runs eastward from Maricao in the west to Aibonito in the central-eastern Puerto Rico region and onto the outskirts of the Sierra de Cayey. Sierra de Cayey is an extension of the Cordillera Central that begins in the town of Cayey and runs eastwardly to Humacao. The Sierra de Cayey “extension” ends in a fork with two lower ranges: Sierra Guardarraya and Cuchillas de Panduras, which run eastward to Yabucoa and Patillas, respectively.

Cerro de Punta in Ponce is the highest peak in the Cordillera Central.