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    Photography Contest Winner Julio Pardo

Julio Castro Landscape Photographer of the Year

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our Photography Contest. These images are from Julio Castro, earning him the winning spot in our photography contest.

Our Landscape Photographer of the Year is Julio Castro. You can view Julio’s full page and some of the outstanding images he entered into our contest here on his landscape Photographer of the Year page. 

Nathaneal Cox – Photograph of the Year – Cotton Candy

We want to thank everyone who entered an individual image to be considered for our Individual Photograph of the Year contest. We are pleased to announce Nathaneal Cox as our winner of the contest.

We found the image’s simplicity overpowering in that it drew you in. The colors drew us into a place that felt like a different dimension and caught our eye each time we viewed the final images. We took into consideration the efforts the artist put in to travel to create incredible images. We are grateful to Nathaneal for entering our photography contest.

Nature and Landscape Photography (natecphotography.com)

Cotton Candy - Nathan Cox

Nathaneal Cox – 1st place

The story behind Cotton Candy is a rather interesting one.  Back in 2017, I made friends with an American ex-pat at a restaurant while visiting a friend in Zurich.  We maintained contact, and fast forward 2 years, I visited her in Mendoza, Argentina, for a few days as I had taken 3 weeks to explore South America during the summer of 2019.  While looking at a map, I noticed that Mendoza was located relatively close to the Andes Mountains.

Nate is a New Jersey-based photographer. He originally learned 35mm photography in the late 2000s when dark rooms were still prevalent and digital photography hadn’t yet completely dominated the landscape.

After a taking a long break, and a few detours, he started to learn digital photography and resumed exploring the world through his lens. Nathanael lists Stephen Wilkes and Peter Lik as major influences/inspirations. His style leans towards breathless landscapes and sprawling cityscapes.

You can view and purchase Nathaneal’s work at: Website: https://www.natecphotography.com/

Dana Raynor 2nd place

On a particularly warm October day, I took my new drone (a DJI Mavic Mini) to Mantoloking, NJ, to test it out. In an attempt to make for a more unique photo than the usual drone shot of the ocean, I ‘drew’ a heart by walking along the wet sand and waiting for the surf to come in before I snapped my shot. The resulting image proudly shows off my love for the beaches of the Jersey Shore!

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Photography Contest Robert Farmer

Happy Days by Robert Farmer

Colour of Nature by Sanjeev Kumar Yadav

Colour of Nature by Sanjeev Kumar Yadav