N.J. Fishing Pier Photography Locations

We are heading out this summer to photograph all of the piers in New Jersey. Here are the piers so far.  Before you go, be sure to read up on long exposure photography, night photography, and make sure you have the right filters and camera gear. If you want to be prepared and get it right before for the first time, if you are a beginner, read up and be ready!!

The Ventnor City fishing pier

is located at Cambridge Avenue and the Boardwalk. It is one of the state’s longest fishing pier measuring 100 feet long.  You can photograph the dock 24 hours/day all year long.   The dock is staffed from mid-April thru September from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may need beach passes to get on the beach to photograph this pier. We do not promote fishing in any way, so you will have to go to another page if you want to kill fish. General Advice Exposure to low levels of contaminants in the environment may have long-lasting health effects on people. Mercury, PCBs, and dioxins are among the major pollutants found in some New Jersey fish in portions of the state; hence don’t eat fish.


This is the third time the Ventnor City Pier has been rebuilt. The first pier was built around 1914 but was replaced. The second pier was rebuilt in 1940 after a fire destroyed it. It was destroyed in 1963 by a ferocious storm that came through New Jersey. The dock you see in our images was a 3.2 million dollar renovation that was started in 2007, and the pier opened again just in time for the Fourth of July in 2008.

New Jersey Fishing Pier, photogrpahy location, Ocean City-Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, New Jersey, Ventnor City Fishing Pier

Belmar New Jersey Fishing Pier

You can also see our Full Page On the Belmar Fishing Pier with a bunch of fantastic images.

Belmar has a fishing pier at 100 Ocean Avenue. The pier was damaged during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Repairs were finished in 2015. It was destroyed again in 2017 by Hurricane Jose. The pier is currently open and in perfect condition for some fabulous photography.

Sunrise is usually the most colorful time of day to photograph this pier. Sunset can also produce some spectacular colors. Daytime photography after you have photographed it during these times can seem quite dull.

You will want to do long exposure photography because we believe the blurry waters make for a much more mind-blowing image. Add in color to the long exposure, and voila, an incredibly dynamic potential award winner. If you do just plain old shots, don’t expect any awards from us.

To get the incredible shots we are talking about, you need a tripod, use your 2-second timer, and during sunrise and sunset, you may need an ND filter for when the sun is bright.

See our How-to Section on Waterfall Photography, then check out our Neutral Density Filters Page if you are not familiar with long exposures.

Belmar New Jersey Fishing Pier – 100 Ocean Ave. Belmar N.J.

Belmar N.J. Fishing Pier Aliens

Steel Pier Photography – Atlantic City New Jersey


1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 – Phone – (609) 345 – 4893

You can do long exposure night photography at this pier with the amusement park light trails. You can get the milky water effect on the waters and do sunrise photography at this great location.

Read about how to do milky water photography here.

If you have a ten stop ND filter you can do milky waters in the daytime. We stayed at a hotel right in front of the pier so parking was not a problem for us.

Atlantic City Steel Pier, Fishing Pier Photography
atlantic city hotel

Avalon Pier, New Jersey

East 30th Street Avalon, New Jersey

The two bright lights on the dock are not easy to get the milky way above the pier. We went down to about 12th street and did our milky way photography there. You can get some milky water fishing pier shots here. The sunsets on the bayside, but on a good night, the colors just might burst on the ocean side.

It is important to remember that you need to be mindful of the location when it comes to Milky Way photography in New Jersey. Not all piers are suitable for this type of photography. There are specific guidelines in place that must be followed; please refer to our NJ Milky Way Photography Guide for more information.

sea isle city new jersey milky way photography

Get the Right Neutral Density Filters

Be sure to visit our page on Neutral Density Filters if you are not aware that you must have one to create incredible pier photography.

Learn How to Do Long-Exposure Water Effects

You can follow our waterfall photography guide to get that milky water effect in your photographs following our waterfall photography guide. We cover it all: how to and equipment. We believe the milky water effect is an absolute must when creating high-end jaw-dropping photographs of waterfalls. Point-and-shoot cameras do not have a large enough lens aperture to take in all the detail of a beautiful cascade at a mid-range distance, and their plastic lenses put out images with less contrast and saturation than those shot through glass. The solution is to use only professional camera bodies with full manual controls and good lenses that fill the frame with silky blurred water.

If you have great images of N.J. docks or fishing piers and you would like to be published here in this article please send us your images with permission for use only in our magazine. Please size them 1200 pixels wide on the long edge and limit resolution file size to below 150 or as close to it as you can.

You can also enter your image in our current photography contest.

List of Fishing Piers in New Jersey to Photograph

Belmar Fishing Pier
100 Ocean Ave,
Belmar, NJ

Margate Fish Pier
121 S Exeter Ave,
Margate City NJ

Lavallette Pier
Magee Avenue
Lavallette NJ

Keyport Fishing Pier
1 American Legion Drive
Keyport NJ

Ventnor City Fishing Pier
Cambridge Ave & Boardwalk
Ventnor City, N.J.

Steel Pier
1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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