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    Flanders Hotel, Ocean City New Jersey,
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The Flanders Hotel & Ocean City N.J. Photography

“The Jewel of the Southern Jersey Shore.”

The Flanders Hotel, New Jersey

This Impeccable Hotel will be sure to impress you. The owner is a knowledgeable, extremely courteous, thoughtful leader of the establishment who takes great pride in this business.

The staff supplied one of the better experiences in our travel history. The Hotel was decorated for the Holidays at the time of our visit. We fell in love the second we went to the second floor. The pristine, upscale atmosphere made us want to stop and stay in the large gathering area of the level. We did for a little while before heading off the deck to check out the overlook of the boardwalk and the hotel pool.

We suggest staying at this Hotel even in its offseason. If you are coming to photograph the Fishing Pier, you can do this any time the weather permits. We won’t be on the Jersey Shore when it is zero degrees, and the wind whips around at 30 m.p.h. But a nice 40-something-degree day will do. The town is quiet in the winter months. There were no crowds or traffic or lines to deal with. If you saw the images above in the slideshow, you will agree; tolerating the cold was well worth it.

The Hotel was built in 1923, costing 1.5 million dollars. It was the largest construction project in the town at that point. Upon completion of a ceremony in the elegant grand ballrooms was enjoyed by many guests. Fine dining, dancing, and speeches were the focus of the night. If we could travel in time someday, this would be one of our stops, an actual historical moment.

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flanders ocean grove Flanders Hotel, Ocean City New Jersey

The Flanders Hotel Fire

The Flanders Hotel was tragically surrounded by fire on the boardwalk in 1927. The Hotel had approximately 500 guest rooms destroyed by the fire but they quickly recovered from the fire. They moved the hotel away from the beach but also build an extension to keep its beachfront status. By 1929 the hotel had three saltwater pools which became the most popular attraction in Ocean City.

Although the hotel was well known for its high styled rooms, sophistication and pure elegance that gleamed above others at the Jersey Shore the stock market crash of 1929 and the economy was devastating to the Flanders Hotel.  The hotel was sold to Elwood Kirkman and it retained its high style, large staff, and elegance hosting guests such as Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly.

The Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, N.J.

In the 1950s, The Hotel Flanders continued to stay in the public eye hosting the 1950 Miss New Jersey Pagent in the pool area. Although the large pools closed in 1978 to save on expenses, the owner was overwhelmed financially. There were many issues, and the hotel was deteriorating. There was a court-ordered election for the President of the board. The newly elected President was Peter Voudouris, whom we met this week at the hotel. Mr. Voudouris secured a two million dollar construction loan, and the much-needed renovations began.

Historical Flanders Hotel

In 2009 the hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places list. The same year, Peter and Arleen Voudouris purchased the barbershop and the interior stores. You can get your hair done by Michael Lombardi, one of the original barbers at the exact location a long time ago. We won’t tell you how long so we can keep Michaels’s age a secret. He is also a piece of history in this fantastic, sophisticated architectural delight. Be sure to see Michael on your stay and treat yourself to a haircut from one of the masters of the industry.

Flanders Hotel, Ocean City New Jersey, outside night view with purple glow from the ferris wheel

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