Gold King Mine & Ghost Hunting Photography

Gold King Mine, Jerome Arizona Photography Information

Jerome, Arizona, was founded in the 16th century and was home to various Native American tribes. In the late 1800s, the area became popular for copper mining, attracting Spanish explorers and Anglo-American settlers. This led to conflicts with indigenous peoples and changes to the landscape. Despite setbacks such as fires and falling copper prices, the town thrived thanks to entrepreneur William A. Clark’s efforts. Today, Jerome is known for its thriving art scene and tourism, but it still carries a rich mining history.


When we traveled to the Gold King mine, we spent 1/2 a day photographing there. The Gold King Mine offers many photography opportunities. Bring your tripod, circular polarizing filters, and wide-angle lens. There aren’t any moving waters here—just a plethora of colorful subject matter. There is no wildlife there, either.


Although this is a daytime shoot, we have included basic photography instructions and ghost-hunting information below because this is a ghost-hunting town. 


If you are ghost hunting at Gold King Mine, any time is fine, but traditionally, the best results are documented after 9 p.m., as they are not open at night. We like to go just before Halloween. We do more photography during daylight hours than ghost hunting. This is an excellent photography location with vibrant colors, textures and history.


When shooting during the day at the Gold King Mine, be mindful of the harsh sunlight. Consider using a lens hood to minimize lens flare and keep the colors vibrant. The ample sunlight provides excellent lighting for capturing the vibrant colors and textures of the surroundings. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to capture the unique details of this historic location.

Look for interesting compositions and details, such as weathered wood, rusty machinery, and other artifacts that tell the story of the Gold King Mine. Don’t forget to take wide shots to capture the expansive views and rugged terrain surrounding the mine.

Lastly, be respectful of the property and any signage indicating restricted areas. Always prioritize safety and follow any guidelines the Gold King Mine staff or owners provide.


A tripod, camera, circular polarizing filters, and extra memory cards are essential for taking stunning landscape shots. These items help ensure stability, control reflections, and provide ample space for storing high-quality images.


Please bring your organic bug repellent and a sturdy pair of hiking boots suitable for any terrain you may encounter on your hike. Also, it is recommended that you bring a backpack, long pants, hat, sunglasses, and sun protection to protect yourself from the elements.

Here is some nontoxic CBD Sunscreen.

Don’t let the propaganda fool you. Most sunscreens contain cancer-causers and endocrine disruptors that wreak havoc on your health.


Address for GPS: 1000 Perkinsville Rd, Jerome, AZ 86331 – GET DIRECTIONS


This is not too far from Sedona, Arizona. We photographed Sedona for three days, then went to Jerome and photographed for two more. You can photograph the town in the day and the haunted hotels at night.


Entrance Fees: Adult (14+): $7.00, Youth (7–13): $4.00, Child (0–6): FREE

Park and Facility Hours – 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. daily.  Museum/Park Store 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. daily

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Verde Canyon Railroad Adventure

Experience a unique journey through 110 years of history on the Verde Canyon Railroad Tour in Jerome, Arizona. Relax and unwind with modern comforts and stunning views during this 4-hour, 20-mile excursion. Step back in time aboard our refurbished train cars and take in the beauty of Jerome’s landscape while sipping on a drink. Discover the magic of Jerome Tours and add this must-do activity to your list of things to do in Arizona.


Jerome, Arizona, has endless offerings for travelers seeking a unique and captivating destination. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this former mining town at the Jerome Arizona Museum or explore the eerie depths of the Jerome Arizona Mine. Savor the taste of local wines at the renowned Jerome Arizona winery, and indulging in their wine-tasting experiences is a must.



When you have moving subjects, you will want to shoot in shutter priority to ensure your shutter speed is high enough to have your subject in sharp focus. Approximately 1/250th of a second is appropriate for people walking by, and adjust your ISO accordingly. If they are moving fast, increase your shutter speed to about 1/500th of a second. A fast bird flying by would be shot at about 1/1000th of a second. If it’s a bright sunny day, go as high as  1/1200th of a second. Remember, the higher your shutter speed, the less light comes into the camera. For More Details, see our Shutter Priority Page.


You can do your long-exposure running and milky water shots if you have moving waters at the location. You will have to use a tripod for this effect. Your settings will vary depending on the lighting and your neutral density filter. You will shoot in manual mode for the milky waters. ISO is always 100 or as low as your camera will allow. The aperture is f22 or the highest f-stop your camera will allow. Your shutter speed will be the only variable depending on the light. Roll your shutter speed until your meter reads zero. (In the center)  Use your shutter release or 2-second timer to prevent camera movement when exposing. You will want at least a 2-second exposure for milky water. If you don’t have a neutral density filter, you may not get more than 1/15th of a second in the sun. 

You can buy an ND filter here.  We highly suggest you do not go anywhere without one. Long exposure for moving waters makes all the difference between lifeless images and outstanding, dynamic images.


At this location, you have plenty of opportunities to shoot with aperture priority mode. Aperture priority is often used to blur the background of your images and control your depth of field (how much from the subject to the background is in focus). For more information on this – see our Aperture page 


The higher you set it, the more light is used to expose an image. The higher the number, the more digital noise, so stay below 800. If you need to go higher to get the shot, you can use Topaz Denoise to filter out the digital noise later. See the ISO page here.


Be sure to set your white balance each time the lighting changes.  Auto mode is not always accurate on many cameras, and we prefer to set it manually. It’s one of the easier basics of photography to master. If you need more help, you can get some more details here. See the white balance page here.

ghosts wear our gear


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It can be used for Ghost Hunting Photography but cannot completely see in the dark. You can use a red light to illuminate the area or bring a flashlight for focusing, and you can quickly obtain apparitions in your photos if you can stand the insidious invasion of the paranormal.


It takes quality Full-Spectrum photos and videos. It has been professionally modified to accept deeper Ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum light, allowing photos deep into the usually unseen spectrum of light. It is best used with an external infrared light source.


Takes quality IR photos and video with the convenience and ease of a compact digital camera with a built-in infrared light source.


This is a wide-angle lens event, but you ideally need a lens with an open aperture, such as 2.8 or below. The higher-end cameras will allow you to go to a very high ISO with less noise, so they are ideal. If you don’t have a high camera, any camera will do. After all, we are not going for super high-quality images here. We are going for a lot of paranormal activity that we can document. As long as we get evidence, it doesn’t always have to look pretty. Some of our lower-end camera images above are grain-filled, but we got what we were after.


For basic DSLR Photography, our goal is to capture activity, not necessarily consistently super high quality so that we will do a few things a little out of the ordinary.

  1. You must use a tripod when shooting in a dark area.
  2. Set your camera to manual mode.
  3. Put your camera on the 2-second timer or use a cable release.
  4. Set your ISO very high for very dark locations (example: 6400). The higher the number, the more light goes into the camera. You cannot shoot a DSLR in total darkness without some light source, such as a church light, a full moon, or a red light in the back of a room. Again, it’s not always about avoiding grain or digital noise here. ISO 100 is for outdoors in graveyards with decent lighting.
  5. Set your aperture to the lowest it will go. (ex. 2.8) to let more light in. If you need some depth of field, set the gap a little higher. You cannot go much higher in the darkness since the higher the number, the less light will come into the camera. Scroll your shutter speed until the meter reads center zero. You can take some test shots and adjust from there.
  6. To start, set your shutter speed to about 5 seconds. Then, again, adjust according to the light you have available.


Measure fluctuations in electromagnet fields (or EM fields). These fields directly result from electrical appliances in a home, cell phones, power lines outside, and even solar activity and weather fluctuations. Beyond that, a primary theory in the paranormal world is that entities can manipulate these fields to manifest themselves or interact with our world. When your meter goes off, do a long exposure on your tripod.


Now you are set. If you do not have enough light or your camera will not focus, take a flashlight and light up a single subject in the picture. (Don’t blast light all over; you will disturb who it is you are there to find.) Put the focus point where the camera will focus on the area you have lit up. When you see the camera has obtained focus and the two-second timer starts, turn your flashlight off quickly before the exposure begins. The camera will now take the shot. Set your camera to manual focus without touching the focus ring. Take several pictures without moving your camera. You will have to refocus the same way every time you do different shots.

Another way to focus on darker areas is to turn on live view. Hit your zoom button and zoom in on something lit. Expose your image. When you zoom in, the camera can see it better to grab focus. This only works if you have enough light.


  • Apparition: A ghost or ghostlike image of a person.
  • Automatism: An action performed unconsciously or involuntarily caused by spirits.
  • Banshee:  A female spirit whose wailing warns of impending death in a house.
  • Collective Apparition: This is a rare type of sighting in which more than one person sees the same apparition or phenomenon.
  • Digital and analog audio recording: Capturing unexplained noises and electronic voice phenomena (EVPs).
  • Direct Voice Phenomenon (DVP):  Voices spoken to the Medium at a séance.
  • Earthbound: This refers to a ghost or spirit attached to the earth that cannot leave this dimension.
  • Ectoplasm: A supernatural viscous substance. It is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a trance.
  • EMF Meters: Measures the fluctuations in electromagnet fields (or EM fields). These fields directly result from electrical appliances, cell phones, power lines outside, and possible changes in solar activity and weather. Most noteworthy, a theory in the paranormal world is that entities can transform these fields to manifest themselves and events to contact this world.
  • Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP): Voices and sounds from beyond are recorded.
  • Ghost: A generic term referring to a form of apparition, typically the visual appearance of a deceased human’s soul.
  • Ghost Hunting: A research project using various methods and equipment to investigate ghost reports.
  • Ghoul: A Demonic or parasitic entity that eats human remains.
  • Orb: The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts in photography—sometimes with trails indicating motion.
  • Paranormal: Refers to something beyond the range of everyday human experience or scientific explanation.
  • Phantom: It is seen, heard, or sensed but has no physical reality (See Ghost).
  • Paranormal Vortex: A vortex in everyday life is a whirling mass of either air or water. Some believe a paranormal vortex is a space where apparitions can travel between our world and theirs on the other side.
  • Radio Voice Phenomenon (RVP): Receiving the voice of a spirit through a regular radio.
  • Reciprocal Apparition: A scarce phenomenon where humans communicate directly with spirits back and forth.
  • Retrocognition: It is an experience in which a person finds themselves in the past and can see events they knew nothing about.
  • Shaman: A person who acts as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds. They practice healing and divination and are believed to have control over natural events.
  • Spiritual Vortex: These metaphysical dimensions are said to be areas of energy that enhance psychic abilities and can heal the spirit.
  • Spiritualism: The belief system is that the dead can communicate with the living through a medium.
  • Vortex: An anomaly that appears in photographs. These images are sometimes thought to represent ghosts, collections of orbs, or gateways that travel to a wormhole in time-space.
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Gold King Mine & Ghost Town

 Address: 1000 Perkinsville Rd, Jerome, AZ 86331
 Phone: 928-634-0053

Open every day except Tuesdays, Thanksgiving & Christmas!

  • Monday – 9 to 5
  • Tuesday – CLOSED
  • Wednesday – 9 to 5
  • Thursday – 9 to 5
  • Friday – 9 to 5
  • Saturday – 9 to 5
  • Sunday – 9 to 5


  • Ages 5 & Under – FREE
  • Ages 6 to 12 – $7
  • Ages 13 to 79 – $12
  • Ages 80 & up – FREE

Pricing for Gemstone or Gold panning:

Pan for Gemstones – $12
Pan for Gold – $18

The best hotels while doing photography


The Ghost City Inn – See Full details and images at our Jerome Arizona Ghost Hunting Photography Page.

Stay nowhere but here! 541 Main Street (HWY 89A), Jerome, AZ 86331 • Toll-Free (888) 634-4678 • E-Mail • Reservations

•  Quiet  •  Cozy  •  Clean  •  Charming  •  Character  •  Captivating  •  Colorful

From the front veranda, you will witness the surrounding splendor of old Jerome, the Verde Valley nearly 2000 vertical feet below, and the breathtaking views of the terraced red rocks of Sedona. At night, these magnificent views melt away to be replaced by a lush tapestry of stars that one can only see when the “big city lights” are far, far away. Then, watch the sunrise over the Verde Valley as you sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee or simply lounge in your luxurious bed until breakfast is served.

Add your hotel here! Do you want us to send our photography and ghost hunting friends to your hotel for their ghost hunting trip? Put your hotel information here. We will put a picture of your hotel, the website link, the phone number and your information on your hotel.

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ghost city inn ghost hunting Jerome Arizona
The Ghost City Inn Sign with cobwebs all around it.


We love the Haunted Hamburger!! Why? Because it is haunted! And a whole lot more. 

410 Clark Street, Jerome, AZ 86331 • 928.634.0554 • On Scenic and Historic 89A
Hours: 11 am – 9 pm daily



Don’t forget that you can use a rain sleeve on your camera if it is raining. If it is bright and sunny, you want to use a low ISO such as 100.



Add your campground here! Do you want us to send our photography and ghost hunting friends to your campground to stay during their ghost hunting trip? Put your campground information here. We will put a picture of your establishment, the website link, the phone number and your information on your campground to make it easy for our photographers and ghost hunters to find you. They are really good at getting there in the dark.

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