Historic Walnford House

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Walnford New Jersey

Historic Walnford HouseNew Jersey Photography Hot Spot

62 Walnford Road, Upper Freehold, N.J. 

Ranger Station: 609-259-5794 – Walnford House: 609-859-6275

Travel out to the middle of nowhere to see this colorful historic location. It’s a pretty cool spot. We think it’s haunted. Check out the slideshow below and look for the ghost. Our friend Helen took me out to this unique hot spot. We couldn’t remember the name, so we called it Helen’s Mill for quite some time.

The mill makes for great photos with its brilliant blue color. We just missed peak fall foliage here. Several buildings are surrounding this mill to take pictures of. You can tour the inside of the buildings when they are open or take a guided tour and learn about the mill and wetlands.

You will want to try to position yourself to get the reflections off the mill’s water, and be sure to use a circular polarizing filter to get the dynamic reflections to make your photos pop. Go inside to get some architectural images; remember to bring your tripod along. We don’t think this location gets too packed with people but do check their calendar for events.

There is not much else out this way. You can travel around the back roads looking for cool old beat up barns or some horses to pair this location up with or hit it on your way to another Monmouth County photography hot spot.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Food: Better bring your own. No food or drinks offered.

Professional Photography Permit: $50 to $180 per hour for weddings and professional shoots.

Park Brochure & Map

You can go into town for some food. You will really enjoy this small town in New Jersey, but there is not much to choose from. We like quite over the busy areas with a lot of options. We will take this little town over the bigger ones any day of the week.