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Red Mill Photography, Clinton N.J.

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Hunterdon Art Museum Clinton New Jersey

Red Mill, Clinton N.J. Photography Hot Spot . photography magazine extra, photography, where to do, how to do, travel photography, Pam Goodyer

Our favorite display while visiting the Hunterdon Art Museum next to the Red Mill in Clinton, New Jersey.

Hunterdon Art Museum

Stop by for a visit during your photography adventure!

The Hunterdon Art Museum connects people to contemporary art, craft, and design in ways that educate, challenge, and inspire.

Hunterdon Art Museum
7 Lower Center Street
Clinton, New Jersey 08809-1303
Tel. 908-735-8415
E-mail Them

Gallery Hours
Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–5pm
Suggested Admission: $5 per person

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Photography Information:

Photography challenge: Photograph the Red Mill in Clinton in a unique way that has never been done before.  This is one of the most photographed and painted locations in our state. How can you do it differently?

This is a relatively quick stop that should be paired up with another location if you are looking to stay busy all day. You can pair this up with Blairstown, N.J., Lakota Wolfe Preserve or stop on your way to the Poconos or Lambertville depending on your direction of travel.  Don’t head here without your tripod, neutral density filter, and a circular polarizing filter.  A good wide angle lens will work at this picturesque location. Of course, you need to do this shot for a long exposure for the milky water effect. If you live nearby and your not sure how there is a photography workshop in the Poconos that focuses on waterfalls and night photography. Read about this June workshop here.  If you can’t make it be sure to check out our waterfall and long exposure photography page.

Don’t forget when shooting from the bridge on a long exposure you have to wait until there are no cars on the bridge to vibrate it and ruin your shot. That’s not hard to do. It’s  a beautiful quiet location.

If you stick around for some night photography, this location is on the difficult side. There is a huge spotlight on the Mill at night time which makes your long exposure shot uneven.

Lens: this area is a wide angle lens locations. I would bring a zoom lens for the wildlife that you may encounter also.

Gear: Bring your tripod and your circular polarizing filter. The circular polarizing filter will make your white puffy clouds burst and deepen the blue around them. It will also take the glare off of the water and replace it with reflection. Bring your tripod in case there is not a lot of light to work with to get your depth of field when desired. Don’t forget your neutral density filter if we advise there is moving water here.

Gear List at a glance: Circular polarizing filter, neutral density filter, tripod, shutter release.

Camera Settings

Manual Mode:  To do your long exposure running, milky water shots you will have to use a tripod.  All of your settings will vary depending on the lighting and what neutral density filter you have. You will shoot in manual mode for the milky waters. ISO is always 100 or as low as your camera will allow. Aperture is  f22. Your shutter speed will vary depending on the light. Take some test shots to decide on your shutter speed after you put your neutral density filter on. (It’s like sunglasses for your camera to stop light from coming in). Use your live view mode to focus to lock the mirror up and avoid any camera movement. Use your shutter release or your 2-second timer also to prevent camera movement. Voila. You now have your milky water exposure. You want at least a 2-second exposure for running water. If you don’t have a neutral density filter, you may not get more than 1/15th of a second in the sun. Go to our Photography Store to buy your ND filter. I have a 3.0 for super long exposure in the sunshine.

Read more on our Photography Techniques Page

If you don’t have a neutral density filter, you can buy one here.

Shutter Priority Mode is used when our main priority is getting the right shutter speed. Shutter speed controls how fast the shutter opens and closes and is responsible for stopping action and getting crystal clear images when our subjects are moving. To read the basics of shutter priority Go to the Shutter Speed Page.

Shutter speed is used to get the milky water look on moving waters but the best way to do it is to also control your aperture and your shutter which is done in Manual mode. You can read about How to Shoot Waterfall Photography here.

During the day you would also need a neutral density filter when trying to blur the moving waters. Go to the Neutral Density Filter page and read about how to use them.

Aperture Priority Mode is used when our main priority is controlling the depth of field. It is often used for macro or close-up photography on things such as flowers so we can blur the background. It is used in school class photos when we focus on the first row and we want the 3rd row to also be in focus.  If you are not familiar with shooting in aperture priority you can read our Aperture Priority Page here.

Shooting in manual mode is a little more difficult. You will have to adjust your shutter speed and your aperture instead of only setting one and letting the camera do the other. It is used for waterfall photography, night photography, portrait photography and a few other things.

You can read more details about waterfall photography here. You can read about night photography here. They both explain the basics of shooting in manual mode.

Shooting night sky photography is actually very simple. It may appear to be complicated at first glance but if you read our section on Dark Sky Photography you can see how it is not as overwhelming as you would think.

There is also some good information that will be useful on our Dark Sky Photography Information page.

Find a workshop near you. Go to our Photography Workshops page and see if there is something for you. 

Shooting waterfall and milky waters photography require a tripod and some knowledge in shooting in manual mode. We have simplified it for you and you can read all about blurring waters here on our Waterfall Photography page.  You may need a neutral density filter for daytime waterfall photography and you can visit our page on Neutral Density Filters here.

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Photography Magazine Extra Pam Goodyer

Location Information:

The Red Mill is located on W. Main Street in Clinton, N.J.

Photography Magazine Extra Pam Goodyer

Hotel Information:

Holiday Inn, Clinton/Bridgewater, N.J. – Book your room here.

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Spruce Run recreation area – 68 Van Sickles Road, Clinton, N.J.  Reserve a campsite here.

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The Clinton House is located at:
2 West Main Street
Clinton, New Jersey 08809

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For this location Read here.

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