Red Mill Photography, Clinton N.J.

The Red Mill in Clinton

The Red Mill is located on the west end of Main Street, Clinton, N.J. One of the most photographed locations in New Jersey. Here is a challenge. See if you cannot shoot the mill differently than any other artist. There is a cute little gallery across the street near the end of the bridge with all the local artist’s paintings of the mill.  The cafe on the water’s edge is a great place to stop to eat. It does get busy, so try to avoid peak time.

Please go into the mill and do their tour. An excellent staff will take you through and show you the history. If you like this place, you can even get married here. There was a wedding going on in the back while we were there. The bride and her party arrived and passed by me in a van. I didn’t want to get in the way, so we didn’t wander to the back to take pictures. You can see the magnificent view here to get some excellent reflection shots. We will be going back since we now know they are haunted.

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Clinton Red Mill Bridge N.J.

A picture at a distance to protect their identity.

Manners and Etiquette 101. When you see a photographer clearly taking a picture DO NOT walk straight in front of the camera, two feet from the lens, with complete disregard for the photographer.


Hunterdon Art Museum

Clinton New Jersey

Clinton N.J. Red Mill

Our favorite display while visiting the Hunterdon Art Museum next to the Red Mill in Clinton, New Jersey.

Hunterdon Art Museum

Stop by for a visit during your photography adventure!

The Hunterdon Art Museum connects people to contemporary art, craft, and design in ways that educate, challenge, and inspire.

Hunterdon Art Museum
7 Lower Center Street
Clinton, New Jersey 08809-1303
Tel. 908-735-8415
E-mail Them

Gallery Hours
Tuesday–Sunday, 11 am–5 pm
Suggested Admission: $5 per person

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Red Mil Photography Information:

Photography challenge:

Photograph the Red Mill in Clinton in a unique way that has never been done before.  The Red Mill is one of our state’s most photographed and painted locations. How can you do it differently?

This relatively quick stop should be paired up with another location if you want to stay busy all day. You can pair this up with Blairstown, N.J., Lakota Wolfe Preserve, or stop on your way to the Poconos or Lambertville, depending on your direction of travel.  Don’t head here without your tripod, neutral density filter, and circular polarizing filter.  A good wide-angle lens will work at this picturesque location. Of course, you must do this long exposure for the milky water effect. If you live nearby and your not sure how there is a photography workshop in the Poconos that focuses on waterfalls and night photography.

Don’t forget, when shooting from the bridge on a long exposure, you have to wait until there are no cars on the bridge to vibrate it and ruin your shot. That’s not hard to do. It’s a beautiful quiet location.

If you stick around for some night photography, this location is problematic. A massive spotlight on the Mill at night makes your long exposure shot uneven.


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Location Red Mill Information:

The Red Mill is located on W. Main Street in Clinton, N.J.



Red Mill Area Camping:

Spruce Run recreation area – 68 Van Sickles Road, Clinton, N.J.  Reserve a campsite here.

Where to camp

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Red Mill Area Restaurants:

The Clinton House is located at:
2 West Main Street
Clinton, New Jersey 08809

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Red Mill Hotel Information:

Holiday Inn, Clinton/Bridgewater, N.J.

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Weather at the Red Mill:

For Red Mill, Read here.

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