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Photography Contest – Free Entry

“Discover The  Quick & Easy Ways To Enjoy More Photography Exposure… Starting Today!”

Even if you think your photography may not be as good as or are just not sure the contest is free, there is nothing to lose. 


Here’s What You’ll Get if you win or are a runner-up…

Get your photography published and show all of your friends, family and potential clients.

✅ The quick and easy way to get your name recognized and show off your talent!

✅ You’ll discover the straightforward way to be published – even if you are just getting started in photography.

First Place will get:

A half-page spread displaying their winning photograph

✅ A link to their website

✅ A link to their website

Meet Pamela Goodyer

Pamela Goodyer is an international award-winning photographer who loves to discover talent and help new photographers get EXPOSURE.

For over ten years, Pamela Goodyer has been helping photographers unlock their creative potential, achieve confidence and gain exposure for their photography.

By entering the contest, you will automatically win a chance to get this upcoming life-changing Photography Secrets Book Pamela Goodyer is currently writing. The book will guide you through all the steps to creating dynamic photography and get you on your way to winning awards.

In the meantime, this current photography competition is FREE to enter.

Photography Magazine Extra

Enter our Photography Contest and  Possibly Get Published

Photography Magazine Extra celebrates the art of photography, showcasing some of the world’s best photographers and articles on light, technique, equipment and more. Our features range from interviews with professionals to real-time critiques of photographic sets by our team of experts to creative photo challenges for professionals and amateurs alike. Each Photography Magazine includes a section where you can submit your own images to be considered for publication in future issues.

Cotton Candy - Nathan Cox

One of our former Winners – Cotton Candy – Nathan Cox, as seen on our Front Page Header! Thank you, Nathan, for entering our contest.

Unlike other contests, the rights to the image stay with the photographer. See details in the contest page