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Coming up in one of our next articles is the Marlboro Psychiatric Graveyard Photography Location. You can do photography here or ghost hunt or both!  Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, a state-run facility, was constructed to grant aid and medical care for people struggling with mental health illnesses.

The Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital is a place with a vast history – one of its lesser known aspects being the cemetery that lies on its grounds. A final resting place for more than 900 patients, this graveyard serves as an ever-present reminder of the countless lives that were altered in some way by the hospital’s presence.

The gravestones here were anonymous, marked only with numbers; a heartbreaking indication of how these individuals – and their stories – were so often overlooked due to mental illness. But not long ago, a memorial was places in front of the graves that identified each person buried in the graveyard.

For our Ghost Hunters

You may want to eat before your ghost hunting begins. We suggest pairing up either the Marlboro Psychiatric Grave Yard or the Old Tennent Church with Il Nido.


Il Nido

184 Route 9 North, Willow Point Shopping Center,
Marlboro, NJ 07726


Monday – CLOSED 

Tuesday- 5PM to 9PM

Wednesday- 5PM to 9PM

Thursday – 5PM to 9PM

Friday – 5PM to 10PM

Saturday – 4PM to 10PM

Sunday – 4PM to 8PM

Marlboro N.J. Il Nido

The impeccable service from the Il Nido staff is by far some of the best we have had. We had to add in a little ghost-hunting-type image for our ghost-hunting fans.

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