• North Wildwood Photography Hot Spot

    And the Best Place to Stay!

    Florentine Motel, North Wildwood, N.J. showing the pool at night nice angle
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The only bags we use! That should say it all.


The best times are in the spring, early summer, and fall. Wildwood gets very busy, so it’s ideal to go off-season and mid-week to avoid the crowds.

Go during the Milky Way season to photograph it. It’s one of the few places in N.J. you can do so. See our Milky Way section for details of when you can see it.


Stay overnight for this location. There is a lot to photograph, plus the Milky Way. You have the boardwalk, bird locations nearby, boats, long-exposure waters, sunrise and sunset photography, pier photography, long-exposure boardwalk rides for light trails, and more.


DSLR, tripod, wide-angle lens, zoom lens, circular polarizing filter, neutral density filters, batteries, extra memory cards, and drone if you have one!


Organic sunscreen. (Sunscreen is a cancer-causing agent; the more it bakes into your skin, the more carcinogenic it becomes.) Don’t forget to bring your organic bug repellent and a durable pair of hiking boots for any trail or terrain. Have a waterproof backpack or rain cover to protect your equipment. Packaging a rain jacket, long pants, hat, and sunglasses is also wise to shield yourself from the elements.


Driving Directions

From Northwest (Philadelphia):

Take the Atlantic City Expressway West and go to Exit 7 South to get on the Garden State Parkway. Go to Exit 4A South onto Route 47 South (Rio Grande Avenue).

From the South (Cape May & Cape May-Lewes Ferry):

Take the Garden State Parkway North. Go to Exit 4A, then go South on Route 47 South (Rio Grande Avenue).

From West (Delaware Memorial Bridge):

Take Route 40 East to Route 55 South. Go to Route 47 South, which will take you to Wildwood.

From North (New York):

Take the Garden State Parkway South to Exit 4A. Go South onto Route 47 (Rio Grande Avenue).


Several Beach towns are nearby, and during Milky Way season, take advantage of the East Point Lighthouse being just a short trip away! It’s one of the best locations in New Jersey to photograph the Milky Way. Right next door, Avalon is also a top Milky Way location for N.J.

Herford Light House

East Point Lighthouse – Milky Way location

Avalon Beach Milky Way – Milky Way location

Cape May – Milky Way location

Cold Springs Village

The fishing pier in Ocean City


Summer after school gets out; it is hectic! It’s better off-season, but it is still an active area.


We love the Florentine Family Motel! Details below.

We focused on the Milky Way on this trip and needed to return for one more day. The amusement park on the boardwalk offers tons of light trails and long-exposure images. If you stay at the Florentine Motel, which we highly recommend, it’s just a short walk to the boardwalk at night to get your light trails while photographing the excitement of the town. We will return to get you more night trail images of the boardwalk.

If you have your family along for the trip and they don’t want to follow you around doing photography, there are many things for them to do. There are also all kinds of festivals all season long, from the Elks Weekend, Boots on the Ground, The Firemen’s Convention, the Italian and Irish Festivals, and more.

For our bird photographers, a bird sanctuary, The Cape May Wildlife Refuge, is just a few miles away at the other end of the barrier island. The snowy owl makes a showing at this location on occasion.

  • Various specials throughout the season.
  • Captain kid weekend. Meet the Captain at the Florentine.
  • Stay and play packages that include tickets to an amusement park and water rides.
  • Great view of the fireworks, Friday nights, June – September.
  • Dolphins in the pool at night. A family event geared for children.
  • Various style of rooms that sleep up to ten guests.
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Entrance Fees: None

North Wildwoods has FREE beaches. North Wildwood: 609.522.7500 – Transport via surf chairs at First Aid Station at 15th Avenue.

Dogs are allowed on all beaches from October to May. Dogs are not allowed on the Boardwalk at any time.  A dog park and beach are located at Glenwood Ave in Wildwood and marked with a giant fire hydrant sculpture. Hours are from 6 a.m. until dusk. A dog park is located on the east side of the beach at 24th Avenue in North Wildwood; a permit ($10) is required for your dog, and hours are 8 a.m. until dusk.

There are no fees to visit East Point Lighthouse. There are no tours inside.

The best hotels while doing photography


The Florentine Family Motel

The Best Place to Stay in North Wildwood

Address: 1901 Surf Ave, North Wildwood, NJ 08260 – Phone: +16095224075 –  Hours: 8:00 am-10:00 pm

This Motel offers everything you need, including a fabulous pool, immaculate rooms, and great management, at one of the best prices in the North Wildwood area. Look no further.

We highly recommend you stay here! Book Now.

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Click here to see what the weather is near the location.

Don’t forget that you can use a rain sleeve on your camera if it is raining. If it is bright and sunny, use a low ISO, such as 100.

If you are doing photography along with your ghost hunting on cloudy days, you can do running water or waterfall photography to avoid the glaring sun. You can also use an ND filter to get a long exposure for dramatic effects, even in the sunshine. If you ghost hunt indoors in abandoned places, be careful!

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