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    Belmar N.J. Fishing Pier Aliens
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    Belmar N.J. Fishing Pier
  • Belmar N.J. Fishing Pier Aliens

Belmar New Jersey

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Belmar, N.J. Photography Hot Spot

This location is a sunrise, sunset, and milky waters location photography hot spot. The New Jersey Shore offers many fishing piers along its coastline, and this is one of them. You will never get the same shot twice and can repeatedly return to this area for fishing pier photography. The New Jersey Skies blast colors during sunrise and sunset. In the morning, you can get a direct view of the sun, and in the evening, the colors will blast from the west.

Before you head over to the dock, stop just a few blocks away at Nourished by Nature, our new favorite place. Our owner and their owner have a lot in common; they nourish their bodies for health. Our owner, health fanatic that she is, is one of the healthiest people you will meet. She nourishes her body for health and does not eat for flavor. She is very well aware of everything that goes into her body and the benefit of each ingredient. She only eats organic.

Ok, back to photography, her other passion.  You can pair this location up with Point Pleasant or another nearby photography hot spot during the summer months. The fishing pier and sunrise/sunset are pretty much for photography in Belmar if you want incredibly dynamic subject matter.

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The only bags we use! That should say it all.

Belmar N.J. Fishing Pier Aliens

Where NOT to go. We went into 7-11 across the street from the pier to get a super large hot cup of coffee to take with us on our Belmar Pier Photography shoot, and we needed to use the bathroom. It was the dead of winter and barely a soul around. We were denied access to the bathroom even though we explained it was pretty urgent.

I said, “Well, you just lost our business; I cannot buy a cup of coffee until I get rid of the two I just drank.” jokingly. He said, oh, well, that’s okay. He could care less.

So we got in our car and traveled several blocks south to the Dunkin Doughnuts, who allowed us full access to the bathroom and didn’t blink an eye. They said even in the peak season, all are welcome to use the bathroom, and you don’t even need to buy anything.

Please don’t use the seven-eleven even though it is across the street out of principal. Stop for coffee at Dunkin Donuts south of the location. We were then on the late side for our sunset photoshoot.

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Park and Area Information:

Entrance Fees: 

Daily badge sales begin with the Memorial Day weekend, continue on weekends only until the full season starts (the Monday of the third week of June) and then daily for the rest of the season.

Daily badge booths are located every few blocks along the boardwalk.

Badge Sales During The Full Season:

2016 Beach Badges

  • Weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Weekends and holidays from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Ticket Booths are located at 3rd, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 19th Avenues and at the Beach Office
  • Persons fifteen (15) years of age or younger are free.
  • The cost for a Season Adult Badge is $55.00, a Season Senior Citizen Badge is $15.00, and daily badges are $8.00. A valid ID is required as proof of age for each Senior Citizen Badge purchased.
  • Daily badges can be purchased with cash or by credit/debit card (Visa or Master Card) at any beachfront ticket booth for an additional $1 per badge credit card fee.
  • Credit cards are only accepted prior to 3:45 PM on Weekdays and 4:45 PM on Weekends.
  • Disabled individuals, who meet the disability criteria for disability benefits under Title I of the federal Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 401 et seq.) and who possess adequate proof of the same issued by the Social Security Administration, for entry any time during the dates when a fee is required, per person for a seasonal badge – $15.00. Click Here for a description of the acceptable proof required for the discounted badge.
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Avon, N.J. Restaurant, Seed to Sprout


Seed to Sprout

One of our Favorite Places!

Open Every Day 9am-3pm


Dinner served Thursday & Friday 5-9pm

410  Main Street Avon by the Sea, NJ, 07717 – 732-774-7333


Dinner served Thursday & Friday 5-9pm

560A River Road, Fair Haven, NJ 07704 – 732-268-7533

Avon, Seed to Sprout

Seed to Sprout – One of our Favorite Places! This is why.



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