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Michael Ver Sprill Photographer of the Month

Michael Ver Sprill – “Milky Way Mike”

Mike Ver Sprill is an artist and photographer who lives his life to the beat of his own drum. He takes the initiative to venture out on his own even if it means waking up in the back of his car, hours away from home, just to capture a photograph. Those are the moments when he realizes his passion has become an obsession.

He has dubbed himself “Milky Way Mike” and “The Midnight Explorer,” though his photography goes way beyond the Galaxy in the night sky.

Michael started his photography journey over 15 years ago, slowly molding into the artist he is today. He enjoys a challenge and thrives on the doubt of others.

Michael Ver Sprill Photography Magazine Extra
Milky Way Mike Star trails at Joshua Tree National Park
Michael Ver Sprill Photography Magazine Extra

Milky Way Mike’s goal is to break the shackles of the mundane and live a life of adventure. Even though the road can be lonely at times, he knows those thoughts are temporary while in search for his next great masterpiece.


A N.J. Artists – Mike’s work has been featured in a National Geographic Article, Stargazer, Photography Week digital magazine and New Jersey’s Travel Guide cover photo for 2014 and 2016, in addition now in Photography Magazine Extra.  To view his work on his page click  here.

Michael Ver Sprill

We discovered “Milky Way Mike” while scrolling images to find new locations to travel to create articles to bring to you. We were in absolute awe over his star trail image of the house in Batso Village N.J. as seen above. So the fantastic image caught our attention, and we knew we were looking at pure, exceptional talent. Anyone can learn how to take pictures, but it takes a gift to create spectacular images such as these. At the same time, Mike has an extensive amount of that gift. As a result, his technique and composition are precisely on the money. When speaking to him, we discovered he is also full of life and drives. Because of a major life event he encountered several years ago, he seems to appreciate every moment in life and have an attitude of gratefulness.  He is also full of passion and integrity for the art. Furthermore, being extremely athletic and active, he has a high energy level, consequently giving him the stamina to travel, hike, and stay up all night.

In addition to his incredible talent, we love the fact that he is so obsessive and driven. He thrives on the doubts of others. The thing is, we highly doubt anyone doubts him at this point in his career. The other thing we love about him is his desire to show others where and how to photograph locations, precisely as we do.  A secure photographer who is confident in their abilities will share and teach others how to get the same incredible shot. Mike is of this school, which is to be admired.

Mike will jump in his car, travel, and stay up overnight to get a shot. In today’s competitive digital photography age, it seems like that is one characteristic that makes his images stand out above others. Most of all, we admire his drive and passion. Or should we say obsession? In conclusion, we are proud to offer you Milky Way Mike’s work to view and or purchase.

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