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Hawaii Photography Hot Spots

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Shockingly Hawaii is very difficult or dynamic photography. We would NOT recommend going here for photography. We have traveled to over 20 states this year and to our surprise it was torture to not have enough opportunity to create incredible photography besides sunrise and sunsets.  We walked around two islands for 10 days saying, “Beach and sand! Beach and sand!” There is nothing dynamic about beach and sand.  There were a few okay spots. We actually called to ask the airlines to get us out of there but it was Christmas week.  The cost to change things was astronomical.  We will never again return.  The Road to Hana could have been good but in December on this side of the island the downpours are non stop. We even got stuck in the mud at Jaws. Extreme disappointment. More to talk about in  a little while. We have two spots for you below.

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