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Hawaii Photography Hot Spots

Shockingly Hawaii is tough to find any place to do dynamic photography. We would NOT recommend going to the two islands we went to—Maui and Kauai, for photography, although we cannot speak for the west side of Kauai. We went in December, and every day we tried to travel to this side, we were met with heavy rainfall.

We have traveled to over 20 states this year. To our surprise, on this trip to Hawaii, it was torture not to have enough opportunity to create incredible photography besides sunrise and sunsets. We walked around two islands for ten days saying, “Beach and sand! Beach and sand!” There is nothing dynamic about the Beach and sand. There were a few okay spots. We called to ask the airlines to get us out of there, but it was Christmas week. The cost to change things was astronomical. We will never again return. The Road to Hana could have been good, but in December on this side of the island, the constant downpours are in the winter months. We even got stuck in the mud at Jaws. Extreme disappointment. That spot we believe could have been fabulous, but when the rain came, a young man got our tuck that was stuck in the mud on the side of the road out. We have two spots for you below because there aren’t any incredible jaw-dropping opportunities, just so so, blah, humdrum places all the way around besides those few spots.

This was one of the most valuable lessons we learned in travel photography and part of the fuel for our fire to scope out locations and disclose to the world what to expect before you go.

Do not ever assume a location will be fabulous for photography. Even if you see 5 or 6 dynamic images on the internet, it does not mean you can photograph every day for several days with excellent subject matter.

We like to tell you where to go, when to go, and how to do it. Unfortunately, we will tell you that if you are like us and want to do photography from morning until night as your main activity, this is NOT the place too. We will put up some photos to show y you. Yes, you can do photography, of course, but you have to be extremely lucky to find something happening in an area to get excellent photographs y. The one thing you will find here is a fabulous sunrise and sunset opportunity.

If you go here during the milky way season, that would ultimately save the day !! Milky Way here will be outstanding so if you must go, go in the season.