Topaz Filters Review  – We had a horrific experience with the Topaz filter customer service department. When we asked to speak to the supervisor we were advised he was the supervisor. We no longer support Topaz filters due to this horrible experience. We do still use all of these filters on a regular basis but until this extremely obnoxious, unprofessional man is removed we will not promote them.

Topaz Filters Review

You can look around our website and notice 90+% of the images are edited with a Topaz Filter. Click on their ads to see details about the products and download them.

Before you go on we should warn you. Approximately 90% of this entire website has been edited with a Topaz filter. You might not find a negative comment in here. We love Topaz filters. Pam Goodyer, a renowned international award-winning artist, has used a Topaz filter on every one of her award-winning images where editing was allowed.


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A new update featuring 42 new textures, 15 new effects and performance enhancements.

TOPAZ denoise review remove noise from images