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Buy Fine-Art – Pamela Goodyer Photographer Extraordinaire

Canvas Gallery Wraps Fine Art by international acclaimed, award-winning photographer Pamela Goodyer.  The Fine Art that you will purchase is an investment and represents the artist’s experience and expressions.


Prices periodically increase over the years. They will continue to do so in the future which means the value of your investment will also go up.  We reserve the right to increase prices at any time.  Our prices will be increasing on January 1st, 2019. We expect the value to be a minimum of 10% more.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

Each piece of art will be sent with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. It guarantees this is an original Pamela Goodyer fine art piece.

Description – 1.5″ wood frame, cotton, clay-coated gallery wraps at different sizes.  Extend images entirely around the canvas option is also available.

Other Images Available

Any image in the magazine that has Pam Goodyer’s watermark on it can also be purchased. Prints and other sizes are also available. Please call for custom price quotes—732-821-0915 to Purchase Fine Art.


Photography Magazine Extra Fine art prints canvas

Two International Awards were won with this dynamic piece of art.

Photography Magazine Extra Fine art prints canvas

International Award winning image by Pamela Goodyer

Photography Magazine Extra Fine art prints canvas

Campobello Island

by Pamela Goodyer

Photography Magazine Extra Fine art prints canvas

Favorite Day (w/my brother)

by Pamela Goodyer

To Buy Fine-Art – Please go to PamelaGoodyer.com

Pamela Goodyer uses the gift given to her to obtain a perfect composition in her art. She allows the Universe to guide her to incredible locations to document the beauty of the earth. That is her calling. That is what she is meant to do. “That is the reason I am on this planet.” Her journies are deep, meaningful and spiritual.

Buy Fine Art

Purchasing Fine Art is an investment while placing it in your home the proper way is also an art. We like this article on How to Size Your Art for Your Wall.

Buy Fine Art

Purchasing Fine Art is an investment, but we believe it is mostly about the pleasure of viewing and seeing the art. Pamela Goodyer’s art, as a result, represents the happy, healthy lifestyle she lives. Her art, therefore, is dynamic and exploding with color. Rarely will you ever see a piece of art that she created that does not look like it has a smile on its face?  Most noteworthy, her work is as upbeat, positive, and optimistic as she is.

The Sacrifice from the Artist

Pam is a big believer in abundance meditation and believes she has manifested her fabulous reality. She is also is aware that the gift she has for creating art has been present since as far back as anyone can remember. She will be the first one to tell you how great her life is traveling and creating art with a passion. She believes it is the reason for her existence. Her sole desire is to visit and document the incredible beauty of the wondrous mother earth.

Pam travels thousands upon thousands of miles. She walks and hikes through mud, climbs mountains, hangs off cliffs, falls down mountains. Sometimes Pam stays up until 4 a.m. or gets up at 2 a.m., among many other sacrifices to create her Fine Art. “If there is a shot out there, I will do whatever it takes to get it.”

Buy Fine Art or Create Fine Art

Would you like to learn how to create dynamic images/Fine Art for yourself? That is what this magazine is all about. The first part of creating incredible photography is to find the subject matter that is outstanding. There are several things you must do to create something different than other artists. We are all about travel photography, where to do photography, photography locations, and photography hot spots.

You can read about some place in more detail in our Travel Photography Pages. 

Use a Circular Polarizing Filter or a Neutral Density Filter.  You will also want to do some editing to your images and use a Topaz Filter.

Dynamic Images are created with any moving waters and using the milky water effect to awe your fans.  Take a look at how to shoot waterfall photography if you need some pointers.

Grab a Think Tank Camera Bag and head out to an incredible destination and start creating Fine Art for yourself.