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Advertising Rates – Rock Bottom Prices

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Photography Magazine Extra

Advertising Rates and Information

Free Product Advertising – See Below

Business Listings Advertising Rates 

  • Loaded Business Listing – $100.00 per year. Up to 3 Images, full contact information, the description including up to 75 words of type, logo, link to a website, company name, address, telephone and fax number, company e-mail, and web address, plus three individual contact names with their respective titles and e-mail addresses.
  • Basic Business Listing – $75.00 per year. Full contact information, logo, name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and a link to your website.
  • Simple Business Listing – $50.00 per year. Full contact information, Company name, email, address, telephone, fax.

Workshop, Directories, Tours and Education

  • Listing in Tours and Workshops (by month and by location): $75.00 for one year or $50.00 for 6 months.

Photographer of the Month/Artist of the Month

  • $575.00 for one month. Front page exposure and a one-page article that will stay in the magazine permanently. Your contact information, website link, artists bio and 12-18 images.

Banner Ads

  • Banner Ad:  Front Page – $300.00 for 6 months – $575.00 for 1 year
  • Banner Ad:  All secondary pages – $250.00 for 6 months – $475.00 for 1 year.

Feature Articles – Permanent website articles.

  • Complete Feature Article –  BONUS – FREE Business Listing

$550.00 Front page ad for one month, a permanent page on our website and a loaded business listing for one year. We will do a write up for your business, product, location, etc. We will visit your establishment, sample your service, take pictures or use your product and write the review. We will put your article on the front page as our restaurant, hotel, product, location or activity of the month. Your feature article will stay visible on our website for years to come. Your article will be added to a page that is closest to your business. As a bonus, Your business will be listed in a photography hot spot location of your choice for one year.  Your products will be featured on the Gear Page and front page. Please email or call for more details. 732-821-0915   You must supply a free day, pass, meal, product or hotel night to sample the service of your business for a staff member to do the write-up.

  • Supplied Feature Article – BONUS – FREE Business Listing

$450.00 A loaded business listing plus a front-page feature article link to your full page write up.  All the same as above only you supply us the basic information and images for the write up that stays on the front page for one month. It includes a loaded business listing in the photography hot spot location page of your choice for one year.

All Feature write up full pages will stay on our website permanently.

Product Adverting Information – FREE

Get great exposure for your business by being featured in our front page article for a month. The article will also still be visible for years to come.

  • Product Advertising: FREE – Send us your product that is valued over $550.00 at no charge to us, and we will use your product and write a full-page review to go on our front page for one month and in our REVIEW page permanently.   It will stay on the front page for one month and on the product page permanently.  FREE
  • Product Advertising: We have all kinds of plans and different ads for you. Send us your product for review and we will put you on several different pages. Call us to discuss your options. 732-821-0915
  • Example: Think Tank Camera Bags

Purchase your Advertising Here

Call us or  and we will supply you with your detailed contract prior to purchase.   732-821-0915


Simple, Loaded and Basic Business Listings (For restaurants, hotels and campgrounds on our photography hot spot pages.)

Type of Listing

TRAVEL ARTICLES – Permanent Articles

Feature Articles  (For Feature Restaurants, Hotels, Locations and Events)

Feature Articles


Tours and Workshop Listing

Tours and Workshop Listing

Mail Check and Make Payable to:

Extra Eyes –  Phone: 732-821-0915

Email for a copy of the contract: extraeyessports@aol – Use the Word CONTRACT in your subject line.


Front Page Banner Ads

Front Page Banner Ad

Secondary Page Banner Ads

Secondary Page Banner Ad