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Hotel and Resort Photography

Photography at its finest

Hotel and Resort Photography

Hotel and Resort Photography at its finest

Do you have many international award-winning photographers come to your resort? Why not have an internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer stay at your resort and photograph your establishment?

Our All Inclusive Package includes every last detail of your resort. Your outdoor images will be created in an artistic fashion with perfect composition and lighting. We will start with each of your different rooms do all of the grounds and highlight all of your best features. Golden hour photos and night photography is included.

You will also get a complete stand-alone page in Photography Magazine Extra in the Best Places to stay section and if you have photography hot spots near your location you will appear on those pages in the magazine also with our all-inclusive package.

This all-inclusive package is normally $3200.00 2019 Hotel and Resort Photography  Special Price: $2,299.00

Schedule your appointment before the special is over. Ends soon.

Midsize Hotel Package – This package includes up to seven areas plus all of your outdoor photography including night images. This fabulous package is perfect for the budget minded establishment that wants an award-winning photographer to come to stay overnight at your hotel and photograph to perfection.  You will also be featured in The Best Places to Stay Section of Photography Magazine Extra. Regular price $1999.00 2019 Hotel and Resort Photography Special – $1599.00

Economy Package – This package includes up to 5 areas of the hotel plus 2 outdoor images of your establishment. This is perfect for the budget minded hotel/motel who needs the basics of the location photographed. $900.00

We will stay at your establishment and photograph morning golden hour shots, evening golden hour shots and do night photography highlighting your best features. When taking advantage of the All-Inclusive Package, we will photograph every last detail that you have on your list.

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