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Photography Contest – Outdoor Photography

Submit up to 3 images at no charge for our April 2107 photography contest. Unlike many other contests, we do not keep the rights to use your images for anything other than use in our magazine. You retain full rights to your image. You only have to allow us to use the image in our magazine with your credits below the images. It’s a great way to get exposure.  You can submit additional images for a fee of $5.00 per image. There is no limit as to how many you may submit.

It is that simple. We use your images and promote you as an artist.

First Place Award – You will be awarded a front page spot on our magazine as the photographer of the month. We will also give you a full page spread in the magazine.

Second Place – Your bio and 5 of your images will be located in our magazine in our artist section. You may include a link to your website and or business to promote yourself.

Third Place – You will go next to the 2nd place winner. Please read above.

We don’t need any big long contract and there is no fine print to read. 

The only thing you do need to know is you should size your images to 1000px on the long side of the image.  You can do this in Lightroom in the export section. Set your dpi to 72 and your quality to 72.  We would like the images to be under 400kb. You can do the same in photoshop. If you can’t do it we understand. Please watermark your images accordingly.

Email your images to

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