Ipage Why You Should Never Use Ipage Hosting

Ipage, Why You Should Never Use Ipage Hosting

A Horrifying Hosting Experience that is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

We are changing this to:

“A-2 Hosting, Why You Should Never Use this company!”

A Horrifying Hosting Experience t and we have just moved to another horrible company who is harassing us for payment that is set to be paid next week!!  A supervisor with their company set up a fee to be paid on auto pay with an agreement that the fee is paid AFTER  the service is complete. He is trying to make good because they told me the migration would be FREE then they are charging me for it but oh, jee, only half price. 

Ipage Why You Should Never Use Ipage Hosting – A Horrifying Hosting Experience! After Ipage sent all of its support over to the Philippines they dove down to hell immediately!

  • Three of our Websites went down and were totally blank and they could not fix them. They changed the theme on us and the 8-page website that took 50 hours to build turned into a one page one line blog! After repeated unsuccessful attempts to fix them we finally had to the time to migrate to a new host.
  • Hold times on weekends turned into over one hour.
  • They would drop the call and unable to call back after waiting over an hour for support
  • They would not understand English
  • Their English was so broken at times you had to repeatedly ask what they were trying to say
  • When we asked to transfer to a supervisor we were denied many, many times.
  • When we asked for the representative’s name on several occasions they would not tell us their name.
  • We once asked to be transferred to a Supervisor and the representative refused over 7 times. We tape recorded it because we could not believe it!
  • They got our staff members infuriated on many different occasion.
  • They gave us bad information as to how to put the now free security certificate on our website and broke them all.
  • They told us they would put the security certificate on our websites when they became free to new customers and we broke our websites following their exact instructions and they never did it properly.
  • Our staff despises using Ipage.  We could go on and on with multiple incidents but we think you got the point.
  • They can only restore error logs for two weeks.

So currently three of our sister websites are completely blank hosting them over at Ipage. Someone told us that our website was missing and after further research, we find three of them are gone.

We are attempting to migrate over to A-2 Hosting and now we have also come across issues.

  • They told us the migration would be completely free before We purchased the service to transfer all websites.
  • They told us there would be a $150.00 charge after we started the migration. They said We would be billed later when after dealing with a supervisor who agreed to migrate at half the price AND BILL LATER.
  • Now we have questions on the migration and the tech support person would not answer the questions. He would not supply his name when we asked to be transferred to a supervisor.  We advised that they had missed a website in the migration. They later responded saying they did migrate and were referring to one similar in the name, not the one we were talking about. We lost time on this now.
  • The migration was on hold until I paid the bill, yet we received an email that they would bill us in ten days automatically if we do not manually pay now. 

The supervisor also agreed to bill us after the migration to the card on file.

We then received many emails telling us to pay. We were asked to pay the bill for migration eight times.

Now we are up to NINE TIMES. We continually told them it was on autopay for October 26th. NOW THEY ARE HARASSING US AND WE ARE LEAVING THE COMPANY! After advising this man that we were very aggravated that we were asked seven times to pay a bill that was already set up on autopay to the card on the file for the following week we get this… ASKING AN EIGHTH TIME.

OUR EMAIL: Please do not mention the invoice again. I have been advised and it said If I do not pay it by Oct 26th, they will charge my card on file on that date. I have been asked to pay this invoice probably seven times or more since and it is getting very annoying.!!

A-2 HOSTING RESPONSE: We apologize about mentioning the invoice again, we asking as we have manually migrated the websites over and this requires a lot of manual work on our end. Would we be able to process the payment with the credit card on file at this time?

OUR EMAIL RESPONSE;  No.  How ironic. You apologize for asking again after I complain about being asked repeatedly, advising it was already set up for payment next week then IMMEDIATELY ASK AGAIN an 8th time?

Here is A-2 Hosting response again for the 9TH TIME ASKING FOR PAYMENT.

We performed manual migration work for you and even waived $75.00 worth of fees for the migration as per your conversation with Chad. You also agreed to pay these fees as per your conversation with Chad. Is there any particular reason you don’t want to pay this invoice? We can give you until October 26 if needed to pay the invoice, but our typical policy is the customer pays the invoice before we do any migrations. We went above and beyond for you due to the situation you were experiencing with the websites not working at your other provider.

If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know.


Justin D.
Support Team Lead



So my response that your company has it in the system to pay automatically on October 26th is not good enough and you want to fight with me over this?? AND KEEP GOING BACK AND FORTH?

Please advise the urgency behind your request for me to pay an invoice that has already been slated to be paid automatically next week WITH A CARD ON FILE?

A. If I don’t pay up the big $75.00 today you will be out of business by Monday.

B. The tinfoil on your head is pointed in the wrong direction and you got your signals crossed.

C. They just moved you from the Collection Department and they have not yet trained you in your new job.

D. You have a drug problem and being desperate for money you set up my card to deposit in your personal account.

E. I got the Hamburger on Tuesday and today is payday and you forgot to tell the billing department.

F. You don’t want me as a customer and you are pushing me away fast.

Either way, I want a FULL REFUND now and I will not be paying your $75.00 migration fee. Take my card off the file for any payments. I am revoking all authority to charge my card. If you attempt to charge it I will consider it theft. I want my 100% money back guarantee invoked.

We did have some fabulous customer support from Charles. Chad was very good and accommodating but even after we were told there would be no fee, we paid for the services and started migrating to A-2 Hosting they still insisted on charging us for migration. They gave a discount but there was still a charge. Had we of not paid the charge it would have been back to the drawing board. Which company to use. Wait for the refund. They start all over again. Then how much would it cost from another company and do they have USA live support 24/7? It would have been a huge delay so we started migration and paid for it.

The great news about A-2 Hosting is the Live USA Support 24/7.