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Brass Rail Bar and Grill Where “NOT” to Eat

“By far one of the worst experiences in a restaurant in many years.”

We are writing our review while are facts are fresh. Since this will be one of our worst reviews, we want to be sure we state nothing but facts followed by our opinion.  The title above is our opinion and also a fact.

Tonight we decided to find a nice restaurant and do something out of character and have a nice big juicy steak. Since Mom just recently passed away, we have been trying to pamper ourselves and give our self some good self-care. It was a very emotional and challenging day and getting out to de-stress was the plan for the night.

We spent a large part of the day in tears before going out for a Saturday Night diner alone. They were the natural tears that come when you lose your Mom. The kind you can’t seem to stop on some days. We got our self together, got dressed and headed out for some food. It was to be an experience in an attempt to cheer our self up and take care of our self. We also wanted to start writing articles on local restaurants as part of our project to keep our mind off of our grief.

Extremely Poor Parking

When we arrived at the restaurant tonight, we could not find parking. When a spot did open up, it was on the end and very tight. We feared because it was a bar that someone with a few drinks in them could easily clip Mom’s car. We waited for a while also charging our phone at the same time, and when another spot opened up, and we moved.

There was only a short wait.  We asked the person seating us to put us far away from the speakers. There was a band about to start playing. He said the only seat available was the one directly in front of the speaker. We advised we would wait until something opened and didn’t mind waiting.

Very Poor Atmosphere

There were food and garbage we walked through on the way to the table. We had never been here before and did not realize that there were wooden chairs. We apologized to him two times and let him know we had a fractured tailbone and sitting on a wooden seat would hurt. He was kind enough to find us another chair. He put it in the back of the room that was not set up as a table instead of switching the chair of the table we were to sit at.  He brought the things needed for the table over. He created a table instead of changing a chair. We were just grateful for the cushioned chair.

It was so loud we had to raise our voice to the waitress, and the band was not even playing. The atmosphere was like a high school cafeteria. Instead of the big expensive relaxing meal, we had planned, we ordered something cheap and quick. We would have asked for it to go but we were starving. We figured we would eat some of it quickly and blow the joint.

Extremely Bad Management

We noticed how extremely cold we were as we were ordering. It was the first night of the really cold stuff that comes in the fall and we are not used to it. It was about 53 degrees outside. We spun around an found after placing our order and saw an exterior door propped wide open. We asked a worker standing next to the door if the door was going to be open long.  He said I would have to discuss it with his manager. We are freezing; the cold air is as if we are outside and we have to wait for a manager to come over to discuss closing the door?

So Bad We Left and Cannot Review the Food

We said, “If you are not going to close the door and let me freeze; I will just cancel the order and leave.” He said something we could not hear, and we replied, please tell her to cancel the order, and we walked away. We had just placed the order, so there was time to cancel it. If they had to have a meeting about closing a door where a customer is sitting we did not care if the order was started but we knew it would not be. That is if he told them quick enough.

While we were near the front door the waitress came up and said, I am your waitress. You can’t just leave we put your order in. I advised her that I told the man to tell you to cancel it. She said you need to talk to the manager. Here is the manager. So the manager said what happened. I barely got any explanation out of my mouth starting to speak of freezing from the cold air sitting by the door, and he flew both arms towards me flipping his wrists and said, “Just leave. Just go!” He gave a nasty glare as he walked into the back leaving me to stand there.

Being a Fraud Specialist and trained in observation comes in handy when remembering all the details of the experience.

So much for our attempt at self-care during an extremely difficult time in our lives.

The staff is going to love me. I will send them back in to try the food and see what they find. They love going undercover. 🙂

Internet Reviews – Here are some others who are unhappy.

We left the typos to make the quotes exact.

3 months ago
Food has been burnt several time, waiters are very friendly but when I had a problem with the BONELESS chicken sandwich having a good size bone in it, which I bite into, I sent it back and the waiter said owner/mgr would not take it off the bill because I had eaten part of it. I toke maybe 3 bites off this sandwich. When ask to speak with the owner/ mgr that person would not come out and sent the waiter out to day speaking to him wouldn’t change anything. Pretty disappointing and disrespectful. We were long time customers that went there 2 to 3 times a week and never complained about anything. Very unprofessional. Never went back again.

a year ago
Only gave a 1 because I couldn’t give less. When for dinner, wasn’t busy. We were seated right away and then sat there for 10 minutes with no one even coming to our table. We finally walked out. The Mgr asked where we were seated so he could see who our server was, but did nothing to try to keep us from walking out. Very disappointed.

a year ago
Service blows! Very slow, and unintentive. Two thumbs down!

Service was very slow. Waited 25 minutes at the table before a server came while the restaurant was only half full. Burgers came out overcooked and dry. Not a great first impression.