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Think Tank Airport Roller Derby Camera Bag with equipment and camera gear surrounding it.
Think Tank Camera Bag Reviews

Think Tank Camera Bag with a tripod and jacket.

Airport Roller Derby Review from the Think Tank Airport Series.

You will not be disappointed with this Airport Roller Derby from the Think Tank Airport Series.  There is plenty of room for all of your gear. The gear is very protected when going to the airport or just heading out to your next photo shoot.

Pam fits all 3 camera bodies, 3 lenses, 2 flashes and several other gadgets in her Think Tank Bag. Mark loves the bag and feels very secure whilst traveling. (Pam calls her 5D Mark III Mark. Don’t tell anyone but she talks to him at times. 🙂 ) You can see the image below as we are packing for the Extra Eyes Sedona Arizona Photo Tour that we also run, where a lot of gear is already in the bag. Except for Mark. Mark in is taking the picture.

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Our new Think Tank Airport Roller Derby Camera Bags have arrived. As you can see in the image we are testing one out.  We just put the tripod straps on and threw a jacket in with it to see how it works. We love that we can all put our jackets in with our tripods once we hit the airports and we do not have to carry them. 🙂 Pam’s assistant loves it even more.

This bag is very high quality. We have used the smaller airporter for many years now and it is still going strong. This one is made just as good if not better. The gear is very protected with the thick side panels should the gear get bounced some on an airplane or just going to a local event.

The four wheels make it roll so easily we can navigate the airport quite well. So far we are very pleased with them. The pockets are the best. That is why we went with Think Tank in the first place because they seemed to have more pockets for the ton of accessories we have.