It’s Not Always About Photography – Really Bad Business Practices

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We are writing our article now. Trust us, it’s that bad.

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DBL Roofing Homeowners Beware!

Morganville, New Jersey – See the “Crystal Clear” images in our article.

They speak for themselves and clearly show the wrong color shingle on the roof and the gutter damage.

This photo which is perfect in focus was taken by an international award winning photographer with a 5D Mark III, and a top of the line, L-series Canon lens. The focusing system on the 5D Mark III is impeccable. It is a professional photograph and in no way whatsoever blurry. See for yourself.

The worst of the worst restaurants and hotels


Home Owners BEWARE!!

DBL Roofing Morganville N.J.

Two different color roofs. But DBL Ignored all our calls and certified letters.

DBL ROOFING MORGANVILLE N.J. – Learning our Lesson the Hard Way.

See our Crystal Clear, high-quality professional photographs below.  Here the images may lose a little quality because the images are shrunk due to compression, but we assure you they are in no way blurry.

Beware!! – I just got hung up on by the owner of DBL Roofing in Morganville, New Jersey. I was calling to get the name of the Insurance company to file a claim. When I mentioned the bad roof and the wrong color shingle he yelled, “How can you say that?!” and hung up the phone.  I had sent him a certified letter explaining all the details and I have been completely ignored to date. He refused to supply any information and or speak to me after he put the wrong color shingle on my roof.

My brand new roof was completed in the summer of 2016. I have permits to prove it. I did not do the back of the house and was doing it at a later date to break up the costs.  The front was done to avoid losing a very good rate from the homeowner’s insurance to not lose the policy. The back of the house was a newer addition so they only required the front portion.  When I hired Russel Cunningham, DBL Roofing, approximately eight months or so later to do the back part addition roof, I supplied him with the name of the shingle brand, color, and the location it was purchased and also called Lowe’s on Route 18 in East Brunswick to confirm that it was in stock. I gave him a leftover sample just in case so there was no confusion.  I had called A-Z contracting who did the roof in the front in July of 2016. A-Z Contracting was so overloaded with work they could not fit me in.  They advised me that the name of the shingle was listed on his contractor’s account and when he purchased the shingles and his guy at the help desk at Lowe’s checked the computer and supplied him with the name of the shingle color when he called Lowes, and then he advised me of same.

There was absolutely no question whatsoever that I supplied all the information to get the exact same color shingle. 

DBL Roofing did not supply the contract with his license number, amount of the job, certificate of insurance and other relevant information. He had advised he would bring it to me and never did. I had asked for it at least twice.   Several months later I had a roof leak.  I had asked him to supply me with the old paperwork he owed me and bring me new paperwork on this job. I stated to him, ” I made the check out to CASH and I have no warranty information”.  He said he would definitely bring it when he returns.  He had scheduled to be at my house, I took the day off and he NEVER SHOWED at all! NO call nothing. The next day I was not home and he came to my house without authorization, (nobody is allowed on my property unless I am present to supervise and he did the job. Had I of been there I could have stopped him and told him he had the wrong color.)  He was supposed to supply the paperwork BEFORE starting the job but he did the job when I was not present so he never supplied me with anything. How could he? I was not there.  He still did not supply the contract but said he would bring it back. He promised several times to produce the contract for the first job and would bring the new one.  When he showed up for payment in the pouring down rain and rushed me and promised to come back with paperwork. I, unfortunately, paid him before I noticed that the shingle was the wrong color! It’s harder to tell in the rain. I noticed it when it was dry a few days later. When I called him, he refused to send someone back to fix it, and would still not supply the contracts and would not even speak to me. He yelled at me and hung up the phone.  He lies when he tells people I did not pay the bill so he did not give me the paperwork. Paid or not by law he must supply paperwork on the construction job to be done. I let it happen the first time but the second time he promised to bring the old paperwork and the new paperwork on the day of the job but he never showed. I paid in full both time. My check numbers were 1453 and 1412. One made out to cash, he said he had problems with his bank account, and the other made out to Russel Cunningham himself. One might conclude he was avoiding paying taxes but we will leave that to the investigators.

The company also damaged my $1,000.00+ gutter as you can see in the images. It has a lifetime warranty and the gutter company advised they will no longer honor the warranty due to the damage to the gutter. I had come outside when they were here initially and his guy was banging the ice on the gutter, with a 2x 4 that had a metal brace on the end. I yelled to stop doing that. At the time I could not see the damage that was done by beating my gutters with a 2 x 4 because of the ice. Then he started throwing ice melt on the roof.

Leafguard will not clean the gutters because of the voiding of the warranty due to damage and asks for over $1,000.00 to replace it. They do not work well and need cleaning 4x or so per year due to living in the deep wilderness. I have to clean this one myself.

Yes, it is completely my fault for paying him in full without examining the job in the pouring rain when he showed up to collect the balance due.  It was my fault that I believed him when he said it was the exact same color that I supplied him the information on the shingle color At the time and it was wear and be the same color. It is my fault I did not notice it until I saw the patch where one color was up against another color. I then realized he lied to me and it was not going to wear out, again my roof was only six or eight months old. I should have known better.  I was not aware of N.J. State law which requires any job over $500 has to have all of the information completed in a contract before starting the job. (I have supplied that information below for you) It was not until after investigating that I became aware of this law. It is the New Jersey Attorney General – Department of Community Affairs law. He breaks the law when not supplying any paperwork at all. One person advised me that this is considered fraud in the contracting business. I am versed in other types of fraud not construction or contractors laws/fraud.

Homeowners are not supposed to be aware of everything that pertains to contractors and construction. Contractors are to be versed in the law and abide by them. They are in the business and are obligated to know the laws. They must advise you when you need a permit and they must follow N.J. State Law, Attorney General Guidelines that oversees, construction contractors.

Russell Cunningham from DBL Roofing  also told me that I did not need a permit for the roof of the addition or the repair and he did not file one.  I found out much later that he did need a permit and he is in violation. He lied to me. The laws changed that you do not need a permit after this time. At the time a permit was needed.  Again, it is up to the contractor to know the laws that pertain to them and abide by them. It is not up to the homeowner to be versed in contractor laws.  I am going to the town to verify that this information supplied to me by another roofer is actually factual.

It is not my fault that he did the job a day late without my knowledge when I was not home to make sure I got the prior paperwork.   I was with my mother having a procedure at the hospital at the time he showed up without permission. Yes, I take full responsibility for trusting him when he collected his money and said he lives around the corner he would bring the paperwork back. I made a huge mistake here trusting his word.  He argues that I never paid him so he did not supply paperwork. I have the canceled check front and back one made out to Cash with his signature and the other to his name personally.

Let my beautiful pictures speak for themselves. They are crystal clear and show the dark brown patch and the roof addition that does not match. He said it was the same exact color but it had to fade.  Yes, I was an idiot to fall for this since my roof was about six months old. I did not notice it was completely the wrong color until I saw the patch job with the dark brown next to my light brown tan brand new roof.  I had personally taken the shingle to Lowes where it came from and verified that they had an abundance of the exact color in stock.

I have a permit from my town for my roof done by A-Z Contracting – INSTALL ROOF OVERLAY, 19SQ ASTMD3018, D3462, D7158  that was closed on 8-2-2016. Mr. Cunninghams argument was that I gave him a shingle and told him the roof was 25 years old or so and match it the best he could and that I did not care, just come close. Not exact words but very close to them. He swears I said the roof was this old and I did not care. This is as far from the truth as you can get.

I am an artist, a very picky artist, and a Virgo and a perfectionist. I went very far out of my way to make sure he has the exact color of the roof before proceeding. He lies through his teeth when he says I did not care about the color.  If the roof was 25 years old why would I have shingle samples with a date on the back of 2015?  Why would I have a permit from the town for the main house brand new roof dated August of 2016?

Through my experience and based upon the facts that I have presented to you, it is my opinion that Mr. Cunningham is a bold faced liar.  I personally advise you of these facts to warn you of the situation you could get yourself into if you do business with DBL Roofing. My purpose is solely to warn other homeowners.

The purpose of the Article to make all homeowners aware of the dangers of using a bad contractor. This is an example of a company I have done business with and these are the FACTS. The images speak for themselves. I highly recommend that you do not use a company who does not respond to complaints and hangs up the phone on customers. This company did not supply any paperwork. If you read his Google reviews you will see I am not the only one.

We have been doing investigations for Federal, State, County, and Municipal entities for over twenty years. We are very well versed in libel and defamation laws, therefore, we have provided you with completely factual information and sources for proof. Everything stated here is factual with an opinion or two added.

Feel free to call A-Z Contracting LLC, Monroe to verify the facts of the original roof that DBL states I said was 25 years old. They did a very nice job with a permit in the summer of 2016. Call them for the roof. I wish they were not so busy at the time I had called. I would have avoided this complete mess.

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