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    Ghost Hunting Photography Hot Spots

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    Ghost Hunting at The Ghost City Inn, Jerome Arizona

    Stay here.

    The Ghost City Inn Sign with cobwebs all around it.

    Learn from Award-winning-photographer Pamela Goodyer who is also a psychic medium. Photography lessons, tours and workshops.

    Individual one on one lessons in Photography or Ghost Hunting

    Hire Paranormal Pam to bring on the apparitions and lead your ghost hunt or join her on a Ghost Hunting Photography Tour.


    Ghost Hunting Photography Hot Spots

    Do you want to know where to find a plethora of frightening Ghost Hunting Locations? Would you like to step into a nightmare of fear whilst toxic entities surround you trying to vaporize you before your next breath? We are not sure we can point you to that exact location, but we can show you where there are some mind-blowing locations with a surprising amount of Paranormal Activity.

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    When In Jerome Arizona, the most haunted place we have found, stay at the Ghost City Inn.

    Ghost Hunting Photography Information

    If you take a step back and go to our Main Ghost Hunting Photography Page, you will see an abundance of Ghost Hunting Photography how-to and some frightening information that can be very useful on your Ghost Hunting Expeditions.

    You do not need all kinds of fancy equipment.

    We repeat, you DO NOT need all sorts of fancy equipment. It is nice to have a backpack full of ghost hunting gear, but you can ghost hunt, have fun, and succeed in documenting the paranormal activity with just a camera. We have a lot of equipment, and there are many times we do not even need to use it. Sometimes the action is so prevalent we start shooting. We are also psychics and mediums, so that it may be a  lot easier for us. Here are a few pointers on how to use your abilities rather than ghost hunting gear.

    We all have a sixth sense.

    Some people are very close-minded; therefore, they will never acknowledge their abilities to do things out of the ordinary realm of human behavior. If you take a minute to open your mind and imagine that so many more things are possible than our human mind can even comprehend. We don’t have to start believing in sensationalized mumbo jumbo, but we can begin to understand that contacting the other side is possible and very real.

    When Paranormal Pam Communicates

    She connects with the other dimensions; she has to be very calm and relaxed; we take her coffee away about an hour before entering a location. (This is not an easy task, and one staff member is assigned to distract her from noticing her coffee is missing. Please don’t tell her we do this.) We keep her in a cheerful mood, which is not difficult to do. Sometimes upon arrival, she knows exactly where to go, and entities are drawn to her as if they know she can communicate with them. Some seem to have messages or issues, and they are openly sending the vibes about to her.

    Meditation to Communicate

    After you are calm, start to meditate. Practice meditation daily. Not only is it good for you, but it is also essential to be able to enter an instant meditative state whilst ghost hunting. The more practice you have, the easier it is to get to this place quickly. You can walk and meditate. You can walk and hum for your vibration. Do this in a low tone. Remember, our friends on the other side can hear you, and you don’t want to scare them. 🙂 Yes, you may think they scare you, but in actuality, we scare them.

    Clear your mind. Allow the thoughts to pass through but do not attach to the feelings right away. A specific image thought or idea might come that appears much more powerful than the other passing thoughts.  Pay a little more attention to this. After a while, you will decipher which thoughts are from apparitions in a different dimension, trying to communicate. Please pay attention to these thoughts, and do not be afraid to go with them.

    Talk to them out loud. Wait for responses. Take photographs while on a tripod using a shutter release button as you attempt to communicate. We like to take a picture of the ground or nothingness before we start this dialog and grab another when we are done. When we are in Lightroom, we can see when we began to attempt our communication, and if there is an activity in those images, we know why.  Check out our Tennent Church Ghost Hunt and see where Paranormal Pam was communicating with Captain Henry. Later we noticed his shadow clearly on a tree.

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