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Alien Photography

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Alien photography

Aliens Photographed for the First Time!

Pam Goodyer was alone in humanity yet surrounded by alien companionship. She defied the odds to become the first photographer to capture these extraterrestrial beings in her night photography images. Everywhere she ventured with her Milky Way camera, they followed. After enduring the most devastating year of her life with the loss of a dear one, she found solace in creativity and art. Somehow the aliens heard her silent pain and offered comfort without a single word uttered. Pam believed these star travelers had befriended her due to her otherworldly artistic mind. “You must be creative, believe in aliens, and they will find you,” she thought. And find her they did – time and time again, as witnessed in photos across the globe.
Now Pam’s story has spread beyond Earth to be featured in the new book “Insidious.”

Please don’t take her creativity as an absurdity. It’s just creative art.

Word is out that her alien friends show up in the new book “Insidious.” 

Pamela Goodyer had always been a true artist whose art was inspired by her love for the unknown. She never expected that she would make actual contact with extraterrestrial beings one day. Still, here she was, in the middle of the night, capturing photos of these magnificent creatures with her trusted Canon 5D Mark III. Pamela had spent countless nights shooting the Milky Way, trying to capture its beauty in her photographs. But on that fateful night, something else caught her eye. At first, she thought it was just an airplane or a satellite passing overhead, but as she zoomed in with her camera lens, she realized it was something entirely different.  

The object had a metallic sheen and moved in a way that no plane or satellite could. It slowed down and stopped, hovering in the sky directly above her. Pamela’s heart raced with excitement as she snapped away, capturing every detail of the strange craft.
As she reviewed the images later on, she noticed that there appeared to be figures inside the craft, humanoid in shape but with elongated limbs and large, almond-shaped eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing – actual extraterrestrial beings!
Pamela spent the next several weeks obsessively analyzing her photos, studying every detail of the craft and its occupants. She couldn’t shake the feeling that the aliens were trying to communicate with her through their craft and presence. She began to delve deeper into the world of ufology, reading every book and article she could find.

After several months of research, Pamela finally decided to share her photos with the world. She contacted several UFO researchers and organizations, including MUFON and SETI, hoping to get some answers and validation for what she had captured on camera.
To her surprise, her photos went viral almost instantly. News outlets around the world were picking up the story, and Pamela was inundated with interview requests from journalists and TV shows.
Despite her photos’ attention, Pamela remained humble and grounded in her belief that her art had brought her closer to something truly incredible. The aliens continued visiting her during her night photography sessions, subtly letting her know they were still there for her.
As she continued to capture more images of these fascinating beings, Pamela felt that she was capturing their likeness and essence- something beyond our human understanding. Pamela Goodyer had unlocked a level of creativity and connection with the universe that few have ever experienced. And as she continued to explore this uncharted territory, she knew that she was only scratching the surface of what lay ahead.
With each passing day, Pamela’s passion for photographing extraterrestrial beings grew stronger. She would often spend entire nights waiting for them to appear, her camera at the ready, eager to capture their otherworldly beauty.
Her obsession didn’t go unnoticed, however. Mark, her trusted camera and longtime companion couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy towards the aliens. He had always been her go-to camera, capturing some of Pamela’s best work.
As he watched Pamela fawning over these new beings, Mark couldn’t help but wonder if he was starting to lose his place in her heart.
But Pamela knew that she could never abandon Mark. He was a faithful friend and companion who had been with her through thick and thin. She would always cherish him and the memories they had created together.
Despite this, however, Pamela knew that there was no going back. Her encounter with the extraterrestrial beings opened doors she could never close again. She felt a deep connection to them – beyond mere photography.
And as she continued on her journey of discovery, Pamela Goodyer knew that she had embarked on an adventure that would shape the rest of her life.
It’s not insanity… it’s creativity.

Pam Goodyer’s images captured strange shapes resembling a heart several times when her extraterrestrial friends arrived. She thinks it is because love and support are universal concepts, and they wanted to show they were with her during tough times. Her camera Mark seems envious of the aliens, but the Canon 5D Mark IV always creates amazing shots alongside Pamela Goodyer no matter what.

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