• Aliens Captured in Photographic Images!

    Aliens Avalon New Jersey, Three aliens on the beach with the milky way

Alien Photography

Some very cool friends of Pam Goodyer

Alien photography

Aliens Photographed for the First Time!

Pam Goodyer has little human interaction, but she has many alien friends. She is the very first photographer to capture aliens in her night photography images. They seem to be following her as she does her Milky Way photography. After having the most challenging year of her life, dealing with loosing a loved one, she has turned to her art and creativity to help ease her unbearable pain. The aliens seem to understand without a spoken word and offer her comfort. She believes that the aliens have befriended her due to her highly creative artistic mind. “You must be creative and believe in aliens, and they will find you.”  Aliens were Photographed on many, many occasions.

Word is out that her alien friends show up in the new book “Insidious.” 

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