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Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spots.

How to Photograph Puerto Rico? Don’t miss out on some of the best hot spots. Do you want to know what the images might look like before you go to a location? Where are some of the best spots? What hotels should we stay at? Head over to our Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spot section.

Faro De Los Morrillos lighthouse, El Faro, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spots. Locations, areas to do photography. HDR photography, landscape, travel, photography

Puerto Rico Photography Hot Spots.

We are on our way to Yosemite National Park and The Big Sur!

We are going to explore every photography hot spot and report back to you when to go, where to go, how to get there and show you some incredible locations.

We will be focusing on milky way photography at night and be exploring hidden locations by day.

We will show you the best hotels, camping locations and bed and breakfasts and restaurants.

Michael Ver Sprill Photography Magazine Extra

Michael Ver Sprill, “Milky Way Mike”

See some jaw-dropping images from a man with pure talent. Come on in and take a look.

photography magazine extra eyes photo tours pam goodyer

Learn Photography  Photo Tours and local N.J. classes  Extra Eyes Photo Tours – USA and Canada

MindShift Backpacks

At MindShift, we design backpacks to meet your personal needs and workflow, so you can focus on shooting rather than messing with your gear. Go see MindShift Gear here.

Shark Fin Cove and Shark Tooth Beach - Davenport California

The Best Hotels and the Best Photography Spots

Check out our new section where we highlight the best hotels, motels and B & B’s to stay at during your photography adventure.

Check out our new Ghost Hunting Pages

Photography Magazine Extra – Get Published In Our Magazine!

Submit images and articles for publication – Go to page  If you have an image you would like to submit please add your watermark and send it on over to us. We love posting images from around the world.

Featured Photography Articles

Castle, N.Y. Catskills, Photography Magazine Extra

Ghost Hunting and Milky Way Photography – Castle in the Catskills

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